12 Model Off-Duty Outfit Ideas From NYFW

It’s amazing how the 4 most popular fashion events of the world are all happening this month and the next. Consecutively. It truly is and endless haze of wonderful new collections for Spring/Summer next year and more style inspirations for all of us.

New York Fashion Week just wrapped up a week ago and we’re all indulging ourselves with London Fashion Week now. But for those of you who were getting behind all of the shows, here’s some helpful recap.

Of all the group of people that are extremely busy for these events, the models are one of the busiest of them all. So how do they dress up after a great show? Below are 6 model off-duty styles and 12 off-duty looks from New York Fashion Week that you can copy now.

Classic B&W

Nothing beats the classic well-loved color combination of black and white. For an added sleekness, you want to look for something that is jet black and crisp white. It also helps that your clothes are structured or more lined to create that sleekness in your outfit.

black and white outfit with dress | Aelida

black and white outfit with shirt | Aelida

Monochromatic Everything

There’s simply so many things that you can do with color and using just one color on your outfit is one of them. Monochromatic gives off a minimalist look that appeals to a lot of the models. Something that we have to remember when pulling off monochromatic outfits is to always create texture to them.

all black monochromatic | Aelida

all white monochromatic | Aelida

Casual Outerwear

Fall is settling in and with fall comes the chills. Jackets these days don’t only come off as stylish but also functional. The way these models do it, they’re all about keeping it simple and casual. Slip on a pair of jeans you’re comfortable to wear and the jacket of your choice. Keep the top underneath that jacket in neutral color.

flared jeans and military jacket | Aelida

cropped pants and trench coat | Aelida

Denim Dream

Denim is a common textile to wear and it will never be overused. For this, take the cue of these models and either go for a ragged chic look or you can also find denim clothes that are more feminine and cute. Either way, remember that for an off-duty outfit, you’re aiming to look relaxed and comfortable.

denim dress | Aelida

denim outfit | Aelida

Graphics Galore

Some of these models don’t have the luxury to choose their outfits when they are all so busy with the consecutive fashion events happening. Sometimes, all they wear is a simple graphic t-shirt and jeans. But they could really pull them off. How do they do it? First off, find a graphic t-shirt with a minimal print on the front. If it’s long-sleeved, roll up the sleeve to your elbow. Then find a pair of loose jeans in a dark wash to pair it with.

graphic shirt and sneakers | Aelida

overalls and printed shirt | Aelida

Flirty and Romantic

There are also some outfit ideas from models in off-duty that you can also wear for your date night. The code is flirty yet romantic. And for this, you want to wear something loose and feminine. But don’t forget the chicness element too. Find bags or shoes to incorporate in your outfit that are polished or structured.

loafers and crop top | Aelida

button up dress | Aelida