12 Stylish Outfit Ideas For The Holidays

It’s November already! That means the holidays are fast approaching. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, New Year and all the other holidays. Everything is all filled with some festive atmosphere and we can’t help but celebrate. Whether you’ll be heading out someplace else for the holidays or simply out of your house and to that usual coffee shop, here are 12 unique outfit ideas for the holidays.

1. Go for the holiday classic with a red dress but have an unexpected twist with lace. It’s easy to pull off and also very classy.

red holiday dress

2. Head to a modern direction this holiday by going for a monochromatic outfit with white, black and gray garments. Add some texture to the monochromatic ensemble by fabrics like fur or wool.

fur coat holiday

3. If you want to be more feminine these holidays, you can go for floral prints. Don’t be bothered by those who say floral can’t be worn during fall and winter. Here’s a guide on how to do so.

green midi skirt holiday

4. If you’re the kind of person that is adorkable and geeky, you can have this totally wrapped up geek chic style holiday outfit that you can cozy yourself into. Here is an extensive guide on the geek chic style.

wrapped up holiday outfit

5. Having an urge to pull off holidays throwback look? You can recreate this outfit below which is mainly of gray and brown. These are two of the many rich and deep shades that are trendy during fall and winter.

vintage holiday outfit

6. Here’s another festive color: green. However, if you are not up for the typical holiday green, you can follow this girl’s suit and opt for printed green dress and pair it with a dark washed denim jacket.

green holiday dress

7. Head off to a minimalist course with an oversized jumper and tights and ankle booties. It’s simple, really. But the ensemble speaks out to the holidays.

big sweaters holiday

8. If you are looking into becoming edgy and punk this holidays, remember that you can never go wrong with black leather jackets in layered outfits.

covered holiday outfit

9. Mix some prints this holidays like the lady below with her animal print handbag and plaid pants. The mustard colored knitted jumper gives a satisfying amount of vintage air to the entire outfit and glues the whole outfit together.

cropped jumper holiday

10. Is your personal style leaning more on the bubbly and girly fashion? Be free to step out of the conventionality of festive clothes and holiday outfits. Don’t be afraid in wearing pink this holidays or anywhere and anytime for that matter, worrying that you might look like a kid. Click here for some grownup ways on wearing pink.

pink printed dress holiday

11. Take that unconventional holiday dressing to a whole other level with a punk chic and vintage outfit style combination like the attire below. Because, at the end of the day, holidays don’t have dress codes and you can wear whatever outfit in whatever style you want.

vintage holiday

12. If you will be protecting yourself from cold in a cozy outerwear, you might as well wrap up in style. For the bold and daring, the holidays are the perfect time to show off those fur coats and jackets.

fur vest holiday