14 Chic and Stylish Outfit Ideas for Bermuda Shorts

Yes, yes. So many grandma clothes getting trendy this year. Clogs, mules, matching separates… But you have to know by now that anything, and I mean anything, can be worn chic and stylishly so long as we can get out of that narrow-minded mentality of how it was and who has once worn them before.

You might have this idea that Bermuda shorts is unflattering and ugly. And you have to stop thinking that way this instant. Think of clothes as if they are an individual human being and try to see them for how and what they are great at, rather than the bad stuff.

In case of Bermuda shorts, they are great for those who are hesitant on showing much of their thighs but wanted to join in on wearing the summer’s star bottom garment which is shorts. When wearing the right cut for your body shape, Bermuda shorts can be flattering to you. And most of all, it is devilishly and surprisingly versatile. You could wear them to the office, casually, or even with a dressy outfit.

And this is where I come in. Here are 13 chic and stylish outfit ideas for Bermuda shorts that might leave you considering on wearing them. (Hint: they’re perfectly fitting for summer!)

  1. Pair those printed Bermuda shorts with a neutral colored shirt or top for an easy casual everyday outfit.
    strpied bermuda shorts
  2. You could also brighten your day up by wearing a bright printed Bermuda shorts and have a top or coat matched with that color.
    bermuda shorts and summer coat
  3. For an easy casual and relaxed look, go for a striped shirt. It would also look nautical-inspired.
    bermuda shorts and casual strpied tee
  4. Of course, you coould just go all-out with the nautical-inspired outfit with a sailor-like top and navy blue Bermuda shorts. This will look especially great during summer.
    bermuda shorts and nautical inspired top
  5. Think you can’t get chic and feminine in Bermuda shorts? Think again. Grab a pair of high-waisted one and slip on a spaghetti-strapped crop top.
    bermuda shorts and crop top
  6. A simple business casual outfit with Bermuda shorts is shorts suit. Matched with a sleek and well-tailored trench coat and you’ll look great for the office.
    bermuda shorts suit
  7. A more casual way to don a blazer to a Bermuda shorts outfit is by wearing pieces in summer colors like white, blue, and yellow.
    bermuda shorts and blazer
  8. And if you’re not up with the matching suit, you could just pair a plain black Bermuda shorts with a crisp white shirt and dazzle it with feminine elegance by slipping a gorgeous statement necklace.
    bermuda shorts and loose blouse
  9. Achieve a grunge/raggedy look by pulling on an attire with ripped denim Bermuda shorts and leather jacket. But don’t get too carried away so add up a pair of fun printed sneakers and just plain shirt underneath.
    ripped bermuda shorts and leather jacket
  10. Create that wonderful balance of girly and boyish by putting on a silk blouse in a neutral or earthy tone and match it with a Bermuda shorts in a darker shade. You can up the girly side by wearing a bold colored lipstick, too.
    bermuda shorts and silk blouse
  11. To wear this supposedly “plain” and “unflattering” long shorts to a night out or party would prove to be achievable. Stick to a white pair, cut almost snugly to your thighs then leave the rest of the pieces of your outfit dark. A little metallic hue won’t hurt too.
    white bermuda shorts and dressy black top
  12. If you want to look comfortable yet dressy enough for, say, a brunch, stick to a tailored pair of long shorts and a clean polished top. Then let your accessories do the talking.
    bermuda shorts and dressy top
  13. And to get ready for the incoming fall season, you could pair your black Bermuda shorts with a snug turtleneck sweater top that will make you look comfy and feel warm.
    bermuda shorts and turtleneck