14 Fall-Ready Boho-Inspired Outfits You Can Try

Boho style has certainly weaved its way into the hearts of many fashion fans last spring and summer. And they are expected to be around this fall and winter. But there’s one problem. How do you transcend a style that uses a lot of the breezy fabrics? This is just as easy as transcending your summer staples into your fall wardrobe.

That’s why we’ve come up a list of boho style staples and how to wear them for fall in 14 awesome outfits. Check them out below.


There are so many boho tops that are sheer and made of light materials. So a great way to wear boho tops for fall is to layer something underneath or over it. There are some boho tops that are also inspired from the seventies which was the prime time for the boho movement. These tops are either rich in color or have that faded, sepia-like effect to them.  This makes for a great color in fall. Faded or subdued hues are the right kinda light shade that you want for fall. (Although, of course, pastels are still very much wearable. Here’s the proof.)

fringed sleeve boho topboho top


The great thing about boho style is how flexible and free it is to blend with other styles like punk, classic, and grunge. You can go for a modern twist in your boho outfit or add a boho twist to your modern outfit like what the girl did below with a tribal print-accented blazer. You wouldn’t know where the boho element of your outfit starts and where it ends.

boho blazer

boho outfit orange blazer


If there was one outerwear that screams all out boho, it’s the blanket coat. This outerwear inspired from the Native Indians is the very epitome of boho style. Authentic, liberating, and the ever-present touch of nostalgia. A bonus to this that bed-to-brunch look blanket coat gives off–a look that’s getting trendier and trendier. For those also aiming to go laid back with their wardrobe, this is the perfect boho outerwear this fall.

brown blanket boho grey blanket boho


There is something about maxi skirts and dresses that makes them two of the greatest bottoms staple for the boho style. Maybe it’s the fact that maxi skirts and dresses were gone for a while until it emerged again a couple of years ago that it has that nostalgic essence to it especially to the younger generation. Maxi skirts and dresses are also the right lengths of boho skirt to wear for fall.boho grey maxi skirtboho maxi skirtmaxi dress and parka bohomaxi dress boho


Boho style is known for how it veers off from the conventional version of what is fashionable. The boho movement back in the seventies created this own definition of what was fashionable and it forged fashion closer to its homebase–art. Before, around the early 00’s, wearing a pair of over the knee boots with a dress would have been described as “swamping your figure”. But now it’s not anymore. This particular characteristic of boho lends itself well during the colder seasons as the need to completely wrap our bodies in warm clothing becomes dire.

over the knee boots bohoshorts and booties