14 Stylish Outfit Ideas on Wearing Uggs

You’ve seen it worn by celebrities particularly Kaley Cuoco in her role as Penny in the hit comedy sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Uggs and other sheep skin boots have been around for years now and are a constant part of the trending array of clothes. And now, ’tis the season for layers!

No season could ever be a more perfect season to wear Uggs than during winter. Ugg boots are made for that. But sometimes, we wear Uggs in a way that is not stylish at all. So I’m here to help you out with some few tips, tricks and awesome outfit ideas on wearing Uggs stylishly.


The most basic thing that you have to remember when wearing Uggs is that skirts, shorts and dresses are out of the window. Uggs are designed to be worn for the cold seasons. If you do wear skirts, shorts or dresses with your Uggs, layering a pair of tights or leggings would be highly recommended. Otherwise, go for pants. Any kind of pants will do since pants and Uggs go very well together.

uggs and skinny jeans uggs and skinny leather pants


As I’ve mentioned above, any kind of pants will do greatly paired with Uggs. However, if your upper half of the outfit is heavily layered–as many winter outfits go–going for skin tight pants or skinny jeans is the ideal bottoms to wear. Since you have a bulky top and Uggs are distinctly bulky, you want to balance out the overwhelming bulkiness of your outfit.

uggs bulky outfit

Emma Watson uggs and bulky jacket


Looking for something casual to wear for the upcoming holidays? Uggs are practically made for the winter and it’s a very casual footwear. So Uggs is your perfect holiday casual footwear. Whether you pair Uggs with a holiday sweater or your Christmas PJs

uggs and holiday sweatshirt uggs and knitted sweater


Keep to one solid color to harmonize your Uggs with the rest of your outfit. This way, Uggs will also be a great shoe to wear on monochromatic outfits since, with the bulkiness of the Ugg boots, it instantly adds shape to a monochromatic outfit that would have looked boring and dull.

uggs monochromatic uggs and all black


As mentioned many times already, Uggs is an ideal shoe to wear for the colder seasons. For keeping yourself warm and cozy during the chilly below-zero temperatures of winter, pair up a coat of your choice and Uggs. A structured coat will be perfect as it gives that structured look along with your Ugg boots.

uggs and camel trench coat uggs and coat


Lastly, adding a bit of your own sense of style is how you could perfectly own that outfit with Uggs that you’ll be wearing. Whether you are going for a timeless classic look with basic outfits, a winter boho chic look, a military chic ensemble or a lazy post-holidays outre attire, so long as you’ll remember the imperative pants rule, you’ll be good to go.

uggs basic uggs winter boho chic uggs and military jacket uggs outre outfit