15 Ways To Wear Rainbow Stripes Like An Adult

As the saying goes, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. Rainbow symbolizes so many things and all of them are positive beyond anything. New day, brighter tomorrow, happiness… Fashion-wise, there is one thing about rainbow that makes most of us hesitant on adding them into our wardrobe.

Remember when you were little and you used to love rainbow clothes, especially rainbow stripe socks? Yep, we associate rainbow designs, particularly rainbow stripes, to kids.

But then we did so with pink, too. And I’ve given you ideas on how to wear pink without looking like a princess, didn’t I? Well, I’ll be doing the same with rainbow stripes. Below are 15 fashionably awesome ways to wear rainbow stripes like an adult.

Have a rainbow stripes worn among a casual outfit with denim for a particularly casual look. A fedora like the one below would add a little sophistication if you want.

casual rainbow stripe top

Have a two-colored outfit with a rainbow stripes apparel that has a dominant color and pairit up with white. White definitely makes any clothes you would think too tacky to look amazingly sleek.

rainbow stripe skirt and white
Pair a super bright rainbow stripes apparel with a dark and muted color like the bluish ashy gray pullover below. It certainly balances out the color scheme of your outfit.

You could also have a rainbow stripe in ┬ádarker hue paired with black leather for a great combination of edgy and cheerful. This one’s a perfect look for party or clubbing.

rainbow stripe top and leather

Rainbow stripes were a big hit back in the ’70s. Try out a vintage rainbow stripes top to go for an all out vintage look.

vintage rainbow stripe top

Also, you could combine old and new by pairing a vintage muted rainbow stripes top with bright neon colored bottoms.

casual rainbow stripe shirt

Add some rainbow stripes to your office wardrobe to brighten up your work outfits and whatever semi-formal event you will be attending.

neon rainbow stripe skirt and blazer

Be careful on the rainbow stripes you’ll be wearing, especially if it’s horizontal. Opt for a fitting one with this because horizontal stripes often makes one look fat.

rainbow stripe shorts and monochromatic

For summers, you can try out a solid rainbow stripes in bright colors because this will look perfect for summer.

rainbow stripe tunic

You can also try out a faded rainbow stripes that creates a perfect formal look when in a dress. It’s completely ladylike.

faded rainbow stripe dress

Brighten up your androgynous look every once in a while and incorporate rainbow stripes into your everyday casual ensemble.

rainbow stripe shorts in androgynous

For fall, bundle yourself up with the usual fall shades in your attire and then top it off with one amazing rainbow stripes clothing to cheer up the often dull tones.muted rainbow stripe skirt

You could go for a preppy one like the outfit above or you could go loose and relaxed with snug coveralls like below.

knitted rainbow stripe sweater

To get the theme done all out, follow the Queen Bey, Beyonce’s suit by wearing rainvow stripes when it’s still raining. That way, you don’t have to wait for the drizzle to stop to see the rainbow

Beyonce rainbow stripe dress

Lastly, for those still hesitant in wearing rainbow stripes, you can always add it into your wardrobe gradually. Get a rainbow stripes bag or any other accessories and incorporate them into your outfits.

rainbow stripe bag