16 Gorgeous Outfit Ideas on Wearing Ripped Jeans

There’s no question or doubt when I say that denim is fashion’s most favorite fabric. Denim has become a universal fashion staple. With the right wash and shade, you can now wear it to work, in an everyday look, on the streets, at the beach, in the club…you get where I’m going here. You can wear it anywhere and any time. Its versatility is so apparent that different ways to wear denim has popped out from all around the globe. Reinventing denim has become a worldwide fashion revolution and the sky is the limit.

And we, women, would spend our time, money and energy for a good-looking rip on a certain wash of jeans. Distressed jeans has come a long way from being workmen’s common uniform to a common garment in street style. Ripped jeans have never looked so neat and polished until recently.

Whether it’s knee-showing ripped or slightly slashed all over, ripped jeans is no longer a mere piece for a jagged look. You need some convincing? Check out the different combinations that comprises the 16 wonderful outfit ideas for ripped jeans below.

1. Along with punk, grunge style has been rising and becoming abundant on the streets. And there’s no more obvious and simpler way to rock a ripped jeans than by looking like a rockstar.

ripped jeans combat boots oversized tee

2. Try looking at this outfit without the crossover bag, caged heels and mirrored sunglasses and you’ll see an ordinary normcore fashion. Those accessories make the outfit. As a result, the outfit is in this sweet fine line between slouchy casual and polished chic.

ripped jeans statement shirt

3. You could go without these accessories and would still look great. But the burgundy fedora and matching pumps gives enough amount of feminine touch to the outfit, making it look super stylish. Plus, all the attention goes to her gorgeous blonde waves.

ripped jeans gingham and cardigan

4. This will look even more ragged if you’re sporting a blue denim instead of white. But either way, this attire will look great for the beach and lunch with your friends or your favorite guy.

ripped jeans floral top

5. Using boyfriend jeans with a black leather belt buckled around your hips makes this outfit have a sexy edge to it. And the pendant and sleek half-do offers a little touch of feminine so the slouchiness isn’t too overwhelming.

ripped jeans and crop top

6. Preferably matched with plain white shirt, your distressed jeans underneath a sleek trench coat will be great for day off look. The casualness underneath contrasts greatly with the sleekness of the coat.

ripped jeans and camel trench coat

7. This one’s basically the little sister of the previous outfit. This outfit will look great for an everyday look this summer. And with the dressiness of the coat and buckled sandals, there is a little touch of girly essence.

ripped jean shorts and vest

8. The black and white striped shirt harmonizes so well with the bold orange blazer and lets it stand out. This outfit will be perfect for a night out in the club or bar on the weekends.

ripped jeans and bold blazer

9. Go for a super cute and girly outfit with a sleeveless blouse with a statement necklace tucked underneath the collar. The rips just dressed down the outfit to make it wearable for any casual events.

ripped jeans and sleeveless blouse

10. Nothing is so beautifully contrasted as a ripped jeans wedged between a sleek white blazer and metallic heels. This is definitely a good outfit if you’re going for smart casual or to the club.

ripped jeans blazer and metallic sandals

11. Everything in this outfit from the puffy fringe, puffy inserted jacket to the straight cut distressed jeans calls for the long past age of the ’70s. Meanwhile the pointy heels, clutch and wrist cuff is all too modern.

ripped jeans inserted jacket

12. There is a wonderful elegance in this simple outfit and this is because of the burgundy fedora and the semi-dressy top.

ripped jeans pointed pumps and fedora

13. The ripped boyfriend jeans gives enough masculinity in this otherwise all-too feminine getup but not quite reaching androgyny. This outfit is still downright chic.

ripped jeans silky blouse

14. This gorgeous color-blocked attire is outright modern from the ripped black jeans to the tailored white vest. And the costume jewelries adds to the modernness rather than look vintage.

ripped jeans vest color blocked

15. What better way to glam up a simple plain shirt/ripped jeans/sneakers attire than to sport a statement printed blazer and aviator glasses? Probably a few better but this one is easy to dress yet still very stylish.

ripped jeans sneakers and printed blazer

16. It’s all preppy with the bouffant, sweater over buttoned down shirt and the statement necklace. But that distressed jeans dressed the outfit down a notch and keep it from becoming too overwhelming.

ripped jeans sleeve top and button downed shirt