16 Style Tips and Ways To Wear Sheer Clothes

The sheer trend has been going strong even until now and that’s saying something. It means that while we may be well over with the Paris Hilton micro mini skirts and three-size smaller tops of the early 2000s, we’re entering to a whole new definition of appealing. And sheers are such a big part of that.

Depending on how you will wear your sheers, you could go for sexy, sophisticated or both. But let’s face it: the whole see-my-underwear bit is not for everybody. So, ladies, here are ways to wear sheer clothing–whether it’s just a little accent on your outfit or an all-out sort-of-bear-it-all. Take your pick and enjoy!

  1. Take your normcore sweater-and-jeans outfit a level up by wearing a sheer top instead.
    You have to choose a good athletic bra for this kind of top. You’re practically showing them so don’t go embarrassing yourself.
    sheer top normcore
  2. Make your distressed shorts club-ready by pairing it with a dressy ruffled sheer top and red pointy heels
    And there’s just a punk-rock chic going on with that high ponytail.
    sheer top and shorts
  3. Embellishments on the sheer can make it feel less exposed.
    And if you want to keep the attention to those embellishments pair them with something neutral like plain black tee.
    sheer pants with embellishments
  4. Sheer something can put a little texture to your monochromatic outfit.
    And would you look at that lace underneath? That is some statement.
    sheer all white outfit
  5. Want those sheer top to be less apparent? Slip on a jacket…or two if it’s getting cold already.
    This outfit here is obviously for fall so you can dump the tights and outer coat for the season. And dump them in your wardrobe, of course. You’ll be needing them for the next season.
    sheer top under jacket miranda kerr
  6. Make a sexy outfit out of a supposedly preppy silhouette by sporting a sheer collared shirt.
    It’s also a plus if you wear a fun-colored bra underneath.
  7.  Or you can give an already preppy outfit a little edge by wearing a sheer crop top over that collared shirt.
    Preferably, a crop top in a dark color. That will be really edgy.
    sheer crop top
  8. Choose sheer-paneled clothes that does not show your underwear if you don’t want it to.
    sheer lace panel dress
  9. Make a bandeau or crop top more forgiving by layering it under a sheer top.
    This gives the girly matching separates a little edginess, too.
    sheer overlay crop top
  10. Printed sheer clothes does the same effect as embellishments–it makes you feel less exposed in sheer.
    The difference is there’s no additional weight.
    sheer printed polka dot
  11. Make your office outfit party-ready by slipping on a sheer overlay.
    You can play with the silhouettes too like this one: form-fitting inside, romantic and feminine outside.
    sheer overlay dress
  12. So sheer and floral print is definitely feminine. Put some edginess in it by sporting leather shoes.
    sheer overlay feminine dress
  13. Make those everyday romper dressy and wearable to parties by wearing a matching sheer overlay.
    romper with sheer overlay
  14. If you have the guts and are real daring, sport a totally sheer skirt.
    Little tip here: Go for a black bodysuit or fitting high-waisted shorts. But nothing too bulky.
    sheer tea length skirt
  15. Put a little femininity to your menswear-inspired clothing by sporting a sheer collared shirt.
    And this look on Karlie Kloss is an ideal off-duty outfit. It’s simple yet very sophisticated.
    sheer menswear-inspired
  16. Make those basic clothes dressier by sporting one in sheer
    I’m thinking that pants below is a sweat pants and look how absolutely wearable it is!
    sheer pants