17 Stylish Ways To Wear Clogs and Mules This Spring

If there were ever any shoes with a long history of bad impression and reputation, they are the clogs and mules. People see these footwear as something old people will only use. But, hey, even grandma can be a fashion inspiration to something chic, classy and stylish. But before anything else, what is the difference between clogs and mules? Back in the day, clogs were typically worn by middleclass women while mules are fancier footwear for aristocrats. But through the years the two terms have been used alternatively. Basically, clogs are usually made of wooden sole and heels while mules have fancier heels.

Contrary to popular beliefs then, clogs and mules can look fashionable. With the right clogs or mules to wear and the right outfit to pair with it, clogs and mules might be your favourite shoes to wear for spring and summer. For one thing, they are both comfortable to wear. For another, they’re super versatile and can be worn to any occasion with almost any kind of style.

Here are 17 ways to wear clogs and mules stylishly.

  1. Wear chunky mules in bold color with a neat white shirt dress for a comfortable and cool look.
    red mules
  2. Slip on a pair of glossy leather-like pants with white long sleeves and transparent mules for an excellent transition from work to party or vice versa.|
    transparent mule casual
  3. For in-between weather this spring, try a pair of black backless mules with bejewelled applique along with a trench coat and skinny jeans. The fitting jeans will let eyes go down to the shoes.
    mules applique casual
  4. Go completely casual and girly with a pair of low-heeled mules and pair it with a dusky grey dress and denim jacket.
    black mule and dress
  5. For an incredibly chic office attire, wear a pair of black mule with your tailored puffy suit and tailored pants. The mules will give a more feminine touch to your otherwise borderline androgynous outfit.
    mule office
  6. Create a fine line between modern chic and bohemian with a flowy skirt and baggy sweater and pair it with a pair of close-toed mules. Choose modern patterns and prints for your top and skirt and find a pair of mules with solid color.
    mules and flowy skirt
  7. For the daring gals, a light blue fur vest over a slim long sleeved top and a darker blue fur skirts to pair with a slim and sexy pair of mules gives those fluffiness in the outfit a little alluring touch.
    mules and fur
  8. Easily a comfortable yet still chic getup? Follow Emma Watson and pair leather flat mules with a glossy turtleneck sweater and glossy pants. Definitely eye-catching and perfect for travelling
    flat mules emma watson
  9. Keep your entire outfit neutral and simple and pair it with an unexpectedly funky pair of mules in animal prints.
    animal print mule whitney port
  10. For a cool and casual look, match your classic blazer-white tee-ripped jeans getup with a pair of brown clogs. The clogs gives the timeless casual outfit a little personality with its bulkiness.
    brown clogs casual
  11. For a nice walk outside and under the sun or an outfit for brunch, pair your short collared dress with a beige clogs with heels.
    brown clogs dress
  12. A simple ruffled top and a straight cut jeans with a pair of heeled clogs will look amazingly casual and chic. With the bulky clogs and the flattering cut of the pants, you will look slimmer and taller.
    clogs casual
  13. Wear a pair of plain brown clogs to keep your bold outfit grounded and balanced.
    brown clogs and bold outfit
  14. Perfect for summer in the beach: a pair of strappy low-heeled clogs. you can also flaunt these little babies in the street with a more modern outfit.
    brown clogs straps
  15. Look cute and preppy for spring with a plain white tees underneath a military jumper and a pair of laced clogs.
    laced clogs
  16. You don’t have to look normcore and slouchy when going to the grocery or shopping. Look hippie chic and loose with your rolled up long sleeved shirt, belted denim shorts, and a pair of beige clogs.
    clogs and shorts
  17. Follow Miley’s pre-Liam breakup style with a striped oversized cardigan over a plain white top and skinny jean. For an even more cowgirl chic look, add a pair of brown heeled clogs.
    clogs miley cyrus