18 Outfit Ideas on Wearing Knits in Summer

Knits are not the first thing that comes to mind when one is choosing for what to wear during summer. In fact, it’s the opposite. It is common knowledge that knits are worn during the winter. It keeps us warm and comfortable against the blistering cold. So the idea of knits being worn during the warmer seasons, particularly summer, is a surprise. And a delightful surprise at that because, yes ladies, you can wear knits during the summer.

But before plunging in, you need to take note of these three important things. First, avoid the thick kind of knits. They are heavy and uncomfortable during the hot weather. Choose knitted garments that are made of lightweight material instead. Secondly, you usually only need just one knitted garment for your outfit. One would suffice in giving the texture and statement that your ensemble needs. So if you’re using more than one knitted piece, opt for a one color only. Last but not the least, you need to know how to incorporate your knits to your summer wardrobe. And that’s where I come in.

Here are 18 gorgeous outfit ideas on wearing knits in summer.

  1. Wear a knitted top over a printed a-line skirt to create a chic and modern illusion of tunic
    knitted top and printed skirt
  2. Get preppy by wearing a knitted top with a pleated skirt and sneaker
    knit top and leather skirt
  3. Knitted shirt and sweatpants would definitely be a comfy outfit
    knitted top and sweatpants
  4. Create an all-out textured look with knits and tulle
    knitted top and tulle skirt
  5. A knitted jogger pants would be an ideal athleisure outfit but you can dress it up by keeping the ensemble monochromatic and slipping a pair of heels instead of running shoes
    knitted jogger pants
  6. Make your house outfit of knitted sweatpants and tee into a wearable casual outfit by slipping a blazer and heels
  7. Achieve an easy summer street style look with a knitted top, shorts and loafers
    knitted top and shorts and loafers
  8. A loose oversized knitted top paired with a tailored pencil skirt is the perfect business casual outfit
    knitted loose top and pencil skirt office
  9. Turn those knitted short suits into a chic street style outfit by accessorizing them with sleek black shoes and crossover bag
    knitted shorts suit
  10. Dress down that fancy knitted dress with a pair of white sneakers
    knitted dress and sneakers
  11. Amp up the knitted tunic-and-pants suit with a killer heels and dressy chained purse
    knit pants and tunic
  12. Feel comfortable and look work-appropriate at the same time by pairing a gray knitted pants with earth-toned pieces
    knit pants and blazer office
  13. A collared shirt underneath a knit dress and knee-high socks make a cute and preppy ensemble
    knit dress over shirt and knee high socks
  14. Show your curves with a form-fitting striped knitted dress
    rib knit dress and platform sneakers
  15. Let out your inner bohemian this summer with a breezy and light knitted maxi dress
    boho knit dress and oxford shoes
  16. Take the modern street style chic look with a knit dress in a contemporary silhouette
    knit dress modern
  17. Have your knit-and-lace outfit combination look sleeker with a wide-brimmed fedora and leather boots
    knit top and lacy skirt
  18. For a low-key comfy brunch outfit, pair a slouchy knit top with palazzo pants.
    knit top and palazzo pants