3 Gorgeous Ways to Wear a Pencil Skirt

Every woman needs a good pencil skirt and there’s no doubt about that. Neither is there room for debate on that. A pencil skirt is one of the  few clothing items that can flatter every kind of body shape and figure. It also gives the illusion of height, which all women love no matter how tall they already are.

The pencil skirt is very versatile in the sense that it can be worn with almost anything you could achieve different kinds of look with it. With the right pairing of accessories, your pencil skirt can take you anywhere from looking like that hot librarian everyone dreams their public libraries had to looking like a strong and fierce fashionista office boss and everything else in between. Here are some of the most gorgeous and stylish ways that you can wear your well-loved pencil skirt.

  • Wear it highwaisted with a button down shirt – wearing your pencil skirt this way is perhaps the most common way to do it but this combination never goes out of style. The combination of a button down shirt tucked in a highwaisted pencil skirt is such a stylish and classy outfit that you can wear to work. Throw on a blazer if you want to dress it up to the nines. You can also wear a thin belt with this combination if you have some curves you want to emphasize and bring attention to. Slip in to a pair of killer heels to complete your power look.

button down and skirtbuttondown and skirtblazer and pencil skirt

  • Wear it with a casual top to achieve a business-casual look – if you want an outfit that is more casual but still has a bit of a professional business vibe to it, just wear any casual decent top with your pencil skirt and you’re good to go. A nice pair of heels would go well with this outfit but you can also opt for flats if you want a more comfortable alternative.

casual striped top and mustard pencil skirtcasual black top and pencilcasual top and leather pencil skirt

  • Wear it with a shirt – for a more comfortable option that you can wear on any casual day, a shirt and a pencil skirt is a magnificent choice. This combination lets you take your style to the streets without having to give up your girly side. You can wear flats with this but a more edgy option would be to wear sneakers instead. A plain shirt or a graphic shirt will fit well into this combination or you can go for a crop top to create a sexier look.

 shirt and skirtshirt crop top and pencil skirtshirt pencil skirt and sneakers