3 of the Biggest Tricky Fashion Trends and How to Make Them Work in the Real World

Don’t you just love how fashion always has something new to offer to us at least every season? I know I do but there are those who find it difficult to keep up with the trends and try to make them work in real life. If you’ve ever been to a fashion show, especially those during fashion week, you’ll see a lot of fashion forecasts on what’s going to be hot for the coming seasons and sometimes what you see will take you by surprise. On the runway you’ll see trends and styles that would make you think deep and hard as to how you can wear them for your day to day outfits. Here’s a list of tricky fashion trends and how to make them work in the real world.

  • Sexy high slits – you’ve seen them on runways and on the red carpet, now you wonder: “how do I wear this trend without looking like I’m trying too hard?” Sexy high slits are one of the fashion trends that women have been trying to work in their everyday wardrobe for such a long time now. The key to looking chic and classy while wearing a skirt or a dress that features a high, sexy slit is to keep the rest of your look minimalistic and not too sexy. Because the slit bares your legs, you’ll want to keep the rest covered to get a nice, elegant look. A high slit skirt, for example, can be worn with a nice cozy sweater.

grungry high slit outfit high slit maxi skirt posh high slit skirt and button down

  • Pinstriped suit – a pinstriped suit is almost always seen on the runway – on male models, that is. Pinstriped suits are strongly masculine and while menswear inspired pieces are now being incorporate into women’s fashion, going for an overall manly outfit can be a little overwhelming. So, how do you make this trend work for your everyday work wardrobe? Simply pair your pinstriped suit with girly accessories like an elegant purse and a pair of sexy high heeled pumps. Wearing gorgeous makeup can also help soften your overall look. If you think a full suit is just too much for you to handle, you can always switch it up by opting for a skirt suit.

pinstripe skirt suit black and white pinstripes white pinstripes outfit

  • Slip dress – you’ll truly never know what would come next in fashion. During Louis Vuitton’s AW13/14 show, the slip dress was one of the hottest highlights. Come to think of it, though, how many women are actually bold enough to step out of the house and tackle the day in a slip dress? Not a lot, right? But there is a way to make the slip dress more appropriate for your everyday look. To make the slip dress work without looking like you just jumped out of bed and dashed out of the door, you need to make sure that everything about your look is natural but polished. You can also add on a topped like a blazer or a cardigan to give your slip dress more of a day-time look.

perfect slip dress outfit sexy slip dress outfit chunky knit sweater and slip dress