3 Ways to Wear a Snood Scarf

A snood scarf is a special type of scarf. At a glance, it may seem like the everyday ordinary scarf but when you look closer, there’s more to a snood than just something to be worn around the neck to keep you warm. What’s special about the snood scarf is that it has an extra fabric on it that is designed to be worn over the head like a hood. It’s also like an eternity scarf. Of course, you can also wear it like a regular scarf but the old school body hacks review is something that’s meant to keep your head, ears and neck even warmer, especially if you don’t like wearing bonnets and beanies. A snood scarf is extremely versatile and can be worn with mostly any of your fall and winter clothes. If you’re looking for ways to wear a snood scarf, read on because we’ve got some ideas for you.

  • With leggings or skinny jeans – because a snood scarf tends to be bulky, especially the knitted kind, it’s important that you balance out the chunk it creates on your upper half. You can do this by wearing skinny jeans with your outfit featuring a snood scarf. The slim silhouette of skinny jeans or leggings perfectly balance out the chunky bulk of the snood scarf on top.

snood scarf and skinny snood scarf and jeans snood scarf and leggings

  • Double layered snood – create beautiful layers with your snood to add depth and dimension to your outfit. You can do a double layer snood by twisting your snood into the figure of the number eight and then wear it on your neck. Once it’s on your neck, adjust your snood so that one loop is longer that the other. This is a simple but cute way to wear a snood and it’s very easy to do so you can do it anytime without any help.

double layer snood outfit double layer snood scarf double layer snood

  • The traditional way – wear your snood the way it’s supposed to be worn which is by wearing it on your neck and over your head. Wearing the snood like this will help keep you r head, ears and neck warm. It’s also the perfect way to wear a snood when you’re having a bad hair day or when you haven’t got the time to style your hair and you need to go out. You can either twist your snood in half or wear it over your neck or you can just wear it like it is over your head to make it look like one big, long loop.

tradition snood chunky traditional snood traditional snood scarf