4 Cardigans to Get Your Hands on for Fall

Cardigans are a total must have for fall. They keep you warm and add a nice, chic touch to your look. In case you’re still looking for pieces to add to your fall wardrobe, I’d suggest stocking up on a variety of cardigans. Aside from them being great warmers, they will also help you achieve different looks with a limited set of clothes, perfect for those who have small closet spaces or those who are on a budget but still want to look fab and stylish. Here are some of the top cardigans to get your hands on for fall.

  • MAXI CARDIGAN – if you’re looking for a dramatic touch to add to your outfit, a maxi cardigan may just be what you need. With gorgeous fabric flowing at floor length, a maxi cardigan is sure to add lots of movement to your outfit. You can wear a maxi cardigan with just about any outfit but it’s best worn when you have on a dress or shorts and you need something to warm you up. If you opt to wear pants with a maxi cardigan, go for a pair that has a slim silhouette like leggings or skinny jeans so that you get to balance out your silhouette.

floor length cardigan and heels printed maxi cardigan minimalist outfit maxi cardigan

gorgeous maxi cardigan early fall maxi cardigan

  • BLACK CARDIGAN – now, if you’re on a budget and you can’t splurge on getting yourself a variety of cardigan styles and designs, the next best thing to do is to get one that you can wear with the majority of what’s in your closet. Anything neutral will do but a black cardigan is your best bet. It will let you mix and match pieces without a problem and it’s very flattering, too, since it makes you look a tad slimmer.

black basic cardigan black cardigan outfit black chunky sweater outfit black wool outfit black ruffled cardigan

  • PRINTED CARDIGAN – a printed cardigan is what you need to get you through a lazy day. Just throw on a plain shirt and your favorite pair of jeans, top it off with a printed cardigan and you’re good to go. Make sure to choose an interesting print to keep the eyes busy and away from taking in the rather boring outfit you have underneath. Wearing printed cardigans is also a great way to add more color and detail to your outfit.

animal print cardigan caridgan in tribal print ethnic cardigan outfit light floral cardigan tribal print cardigan

  • FLUFFY, FUZZY CARDIGAN – wearing a fluffy and fuzzy cardigan is like lying on a really soft and plush carpet all day long on a lazy day – it feels like heaven! It also adds a cute and soft touch to your look, making it the perfect cardigan to top off your girly outfits with. If you don’t like looking too sweet and girly, you can mix and match it with ‘tougher’ fabrics like denim and leather to get a more balanced look.

comfy fuzzy cardigan outfit fluffy soft cardigan fuzzy gray cardigan all black outfit with fuzzy cardigan fuzzy knit cardigan