4 Childhood Back to School Classics to Start Wearing Again

It’s almost fall time once again and we all know what that means: back to school season! I personally love this time of the year because 1) it’s the perfect excuse to go shopping and 2) it’s a good time to broaden your sense of style and get really creative and resourceful when it comes to fashion. If you still haven’t finished up shopping for your new back to school wardrobe or if you’re simply looking for more pieces to add to your loot so you can get a more unique and chic look, check out these childhood back to school classics to start wearing again. I’m pretty sure you’ll love the nostalgia that comes with giving these cool classics another go, only this time you do it with a more modern and sophisticated twist.

  • Backpacks – I bet you all wore a backpack once, probably back in high school, but as you grew older you probably preferred more stylish and less bulky purses to carry your essentials in like satchels and shoulder bags just because they’re more grown up and ladylike but you should definitely consider getting today’s new backpacks a try. Opt for leather if you want a sleeker look (or a vintage look, depending on the kind of leather the backpack is made with) or cute and cool embellished ones if you want something more ornate.

black leather backpack chanel backpack pink and white strapped backpack

  • School skirt – if you wore a uniform to school back then, there’s a pretty good chance that it was a pleated and plaid one since that was the kind of skirt schools usually prescribe as uniforms. Travel back down memory lane and try sporting the school skirt again. It doesn’t have to be plaid and pleated at the same time this time. Skater skirts make a really great alternative to the traditional school skirts. Of course, you can always take the sexy Japanese anime look and wear a mini one with a crisp white button up and knee high socks or go preppy and wear your pleated plaid skirt with a cute collared shirt layered with a light sweater (perfect fall look, if you ask me).

back to school outfit inspo blue school skirt with lace hem bnw school skirt plaid school skirt nostalgia

  • Sneakers – they’re comfy and they go with just about everything before and they still do now so why not give your feet a break from the heels you grew to love and rekindle your love affair with sneakers one more time, be it the ones with Velcro straps, lace up ties or slip-ons. Want to keep your look girly? Cath Kidston makes pretty darn cute and girly sneakers so start scouring your favorite online shops!

leopard print slip on sneakers athletic sneakers and dress leather and black sneakers

  • Overalls – this was more of a pre-school staple than a primary or high school one but, hey, throwbacks are all the rage anyway so why not? You don’t have to sport the same old baggy overalls emblazoned with cute little cartoon patches, of course. Overalls for today’s stylish women are much more chic and even sexy. They’re so gorgeous you’ll want to live in them! You can also up your street style game and go for a jumpsuit or go the fun and flirty way and slip into a romper.

basic black romper overalls otufit overall dress

  • Mary Jane shoes – black, leather Mary Jane shoes – those were the perfect shoes to wear with your school skirt and white socks. Give those good ol’ Mary Janes a more grown up twist and opt for a pair with heels that you can wear with jeans and shorts.

mary jane style pumps high heeled mary jane shoes retro mary jane shoes outfit