4 Colors Any Woman Can Wear, No Matter What Skin Tone

Have you ever had a hard time deciding what to wear because you just couldn’t seem to find a top or a dress in a color that makes you look stunning? Well, it’s a common problem for us women who are constantly conscious about looking good. Depending on your skin tone, some colors will make you glow and look lively while others will make you look dull and ashen and this can make shopping difficult sometimes, especially if you haven’t fully figured out which colors work best for you yet. Luckily, there are colors that any woman can wear, no matter what skin tone. These colors are great go-to colors if you’re dressing up in a rush but still want to look vibrant. Find out what these colors are below.

  • Emerald – emerald is a beautiful jewel tone color that suits all skin tones. This color is perfect when worn on glossy or shiny fabric like silk or satin because it gives you a really luxurious look. An emerald dress would be a great substitute if you’re starting to get tired of your old black dress. it’s just as easy to wear and you don’t have to worry about how it would look on your skin. When worn for an everyday outfit, the emerald color looks really good with darker hues like black or dark navy. You can also wear them with jeans for a casual but still polished look.

emerald outfit emerald

  • Charcoal – here’s the deal with black: it’s really versatile, perhaps even the most versatile and forgiving color out there when it comes to clothes but everyone else is wearing it and if you’re someone who likes to look stylishly unique, it’s just not an everyday option. Good thing there’s the color charcoal. It’s not as dark as black but it’s not as common either. It’s the best shade of gray you can wear if you’re not too sure about which one would compliment your skin tone. Gray is a sexy color but wearing the wrong shade can make you look faded, washed out or ashy. Charcoal is the most forgiving shade and it’s quite versatile too.


charcoal outfit charcoal color

  • Fuchsia – a lot of women tend to shy away from this color because they see it as something that’s too loud for everyday use. However, when paired with the right colors, fuchsia actually works wonders for you. It’s another one of those colors that look great on all skin tones. To make this color a viable option for everyday outfits, pair it with simpler hues like black or white. Also remember not to mix in another bold color with it since it’s already a strong and attention-calling color on its own.

fuchsia outfit fuchsia

  • Navy – another color that would make a great substitute for black is the color navy. It’s very sleek and sophisticated and aside from the fact that it looks ravishing on all skin tones, this color also works with most other colors so pairing it up and mixing and matching it with other items in your closet is a breeze. It’s a great color to wear to the workplace if you don’t want something too strict like black but done want to look too casual either.

navy blue outfit navy blue navy