4 Flattering Outfits to Hide Tummy

So you’ve gained a little weight and it’s starting to show in your belly area. Who cares? Whether it’s because of being a bit less strict with your diet and exercise or because of recently giving birth, otherwise known as the ‘mummy tummy’, that doesn’t mean you lost all power to dress and look chic and sexy. There are lots of flattering outfits to hide tummy bulge and these styles are guaranteed to make you look like you nearly haven’t put on a single pound at all. Take these suggestions while working on ways to lose that belly:

  • Empire waist tops or dresses

This style cuts right on top of the bust and flows freely downwards. The free-flowing effect of this hides your tummy instead of hugging it thus concealing the bulge. It also emphasizes your breasts and takes the attention away from your stomach.

simple empire cut tblouse

empire cut dress

  • Tunic tops

You’re in luck because that bulge came at the right time! Tunic tops are a hot trend now and they’re a perfect cover up for your protruding tummy. There are so many tunic top styles to choose from: sweater tunics, sleeveless tunics, even off-shoulder tunics. These look great when worn with a pair of shorts or ultraskinny pants to take the attention off from your tummy down to your gorgeous legs.

lacey tunic top

cute tunic tops and shorts

  • A jacket or cardigan

this has always been the ultimate tummy cover up for lots of women over the year and it never gets old! Simply take whatever top you like and wear a jacket or a cardigan over it and your tummy dilemma is solved!

turqouise jacket

knit cardigan

jacket and dress

  • Peplum

Whether it’s a dress or a top, the structure of peplum is just right to hide your not-so-flat tummy. There are peplums that can hide your tummy and there are also those that would just show and accentuate it all the more. The key is to find the right cut, drape and color or print. Of course, all these will be tested out when you try the peplum on.

peplum and red jeans

kim kardashian peplum

striped peplum

While dressing up in dark colors is the easiest way to conceal the bulge on your belly, dressing with color is so much more fun. Take these ideas and dress beautifully without having to worry about people noticing your bulgy belly. These flattering outfits to hide tummy are sure to make you feel more confident about yourself again.