4 Fun Ways to Wear a Romper

Though fashion trends can be quite hard to keep up with, we’re thankful that there are pieces that always look fashionable, no matter what event, occasion, day, or season. These pieces are the ones you’ll want to have in your closet all the time because you know you can just rock it in countless ways and wear it with endless outfit combinations. One great example of such is the romper. Aside from all the awesomeness mentioned earlier, what’s even greater about the romper is that you can choose to dress it up or dress it down, depending on where you plan to wear it to. Here’s a list of fun ways to wear a romper. Check them out!

  • Make a Statement – here’s one really fun thing about rompers: they come in all colors, prints, designs and patterns! The choices are endless when it comes to rompers and if you’re someone who likes to always make a statement with an outfit, the romper is definitely the way to go! Choose a romper that features cool, hip or chic prints. Wearing a one-piece romper with the same continuous print is sure to make a bold statement. Not a fan of prints? How about wearing a romper in a really bright color like maybe neon pink or sunshine yellow? Eye-catching colors are always a nice way to draw some attention. A statement romper is a must for those days when you just want something unique, cheery and striking.

statement statement romper

  • The classic black and white – you know how we’ve mentioned wearing rompers for dressing up earlier? You may think we’ve lost our minds for thinking that you could wear a romper to a formal / semi-formal even but believe us, it’s possible. Case in point? Oh, well, just the many celebrities like Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Emma Stone and others who have rocked a romper to red carpet events. The secret to wearing a romper and making it look dressy is to choose a classy style in classic colors like black and white. Follow these ‘rules’ and you’ll never go wrong with a romper to any special event.

classy romper

classic sexy black romper

  • Summer / spring casual – rompers can also be worn to dress down, as mentioned above. For a more casual take on the romper outfit, opt for the short variety. We are so accustomed to seeing rompers which are pants and top combines as a one piece suit but there are also romper shorts which are most definitely perfect for spring and the coming summer. These rompers have an easier, more laidback and relaxed vibe to them. You can wear them on lazy days when you don’t feel like going through the whole ‘what should I wear with what’ process with your outfit. Just slip into it, put on some accessories and go!

summer spring summer

  • Chic clubbing look – this has got to be our favorite way to wear a romper yet! This look is totally femme fatale. We find that plain rompers in dark colors usually work the best (though we think lighter, brighter colors would work fine too) when they’re paired with bold accents and accessories like statement cuffs, leather belts, chunky jewelry and the like. You can also opt for fierce details like a deep neckline or a low back and finish off with a pair of killer heels and you’re on your way to killing just about every girl in town with envy.

sexy sexy fierceclassic colors