4 Great Ways To Rock Crochet This Summer

More commonly known as one of the festival fashion staples, crochet have gone far from being the output of your grandmother’s leisure time. And rightfully so.

Crochet gives a certain level of softness and femininity and is utterly comfortable to wear with its light, soft and breezy material. Now, fashion mavens have incorporated this fabulous festival staple into their collections and it’s delighting everyone.

Its artistic details and the soft cottony material used for crochets makes this fabric totally great for warm seasons as much as it is good for keeping you warm during the colder seasons. The key here is to choose crochet or crochet-accented garments that are light and breezy.

Granted, there’s a certain ’70s air to it what with the instant connection it has with hippie and bohemian fashion. But, hey, even those are starting to be accepted in fashion, too. Of course, if you don’t want to go for a hippie-chic look, there are certain ways to wear crochet while looking modern and refined.

Here are 5 great ways to rock crochet this summer.

As A Top

There are numerous ways to wear crochet as a top–as many as the designers making them. The trick here is to keep the attention towards the crochet.

You have the choice to wear a basic see-through crochet top to pair with shorts and minimal accessories. It’s simple yet very alluring with the see-through top. It can easily be great for either day look or night with your friends or your favorite guy.

sheer crochet top

A crochet tank top with fringed hemline makes a good festival outfit as well as a bikini cover up or even just for strolling to the beach.

crochet top fringed

This white crocheted crop top with floral hemline paired with a bold floral pants is absolutely gorgeous. And the brightly bottoms doesn’t really overshadow the crochet top but more likely harmonizes greatly with it. The woven handbag adds to the casual day look that makes this outfit great for brunch as well.

crochet crop top

The crochet mesh top underneath the jacket offers enough amount of femininity to the jagged, edgy-yet-chic attire.

crochet mesh top

As Shorts

When you think about the abundance of crochet shorts trending this season, you’d think that it proves to be nothing else but a little feminine. But if you know the right accessories and pieces to pair it with, it can make you look edgy and chic at the same time.

crochet shorts cream

This outfit is all about black and white and the fur blazer and crochet shorts would have easily made this look all too feminine but by wearing sheer tights and the punk-y shoulder bag, it’s punk-chic.

crochet shorts and sheer tights

The crochet shorts as a one-piece swimsuit cover up is wonderfully bohemian and cute. The ankle boots with the tassels accents just added to the overall cuteness of the outfit.

crochet shorts over one piece swimsuits

As A Skirt

News flash: you could wear crochet to the office. Preferably, a crochet pencil skirt gives a feminine touch to the usual sleek and tailored work outfits. Keep the top half of your outfit neat and sleek with a collared shirt or blazer to achieve a contrasting look to the skirt.

crochet white pencil skirt

A miniskirt with a crocheted maxi skirt overlay is both comfortable-looking and sexy. This will be great piece to incorporate to your day look.

crochet maxi skirt

Yes, it’s obvious that there will be lots of cover up pieces here since I’m sure a lot of you will be packing for the beach anytime soon. So for a classier choice of cover up, try a maxi skirt which can double as a strapless dress when it’s getting dark.

crochet bikini cover up

As A Dress

Since crochet is all about girly essence, it’s understandable to believe that when you think of crochet and dress the first thing that comes to your mind is the white bridal-ish dress. But there are ways to modernize this bohemian/bridal look.

white crochet dress

You could cinch up a thin leather belt along your waist and slip on a leather jacket underneath a cream bohemian crocheted maxi dress. The gold cuffs adds to the edginess, too.

crochet maxi dress and leather jacket

There are also ready-made modern crochet dresses like this black peplum dress with yellow crochet overlay that you can find in shops and boutiques. Slip on a white blazer and you’ll be good for the office.

yellow crochet peplum dress