4 Tips for Looking Hot in a Swimsuit

Swim season has definitely started with the days being warmer and all and I’m pretty sure almost everyone here has planned a day or two at the beach. And with that, I’m pretty sure that you’ve been doing some swimsuit shopping as well. Looking for the perfect swimsuit is actually very easy, especially with the massive array of assortments to choose from in stores. If you’re beach-bound any day soon, check out these tips for looking hot in a swimsuit, especially if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect piece / pair.

cute coral bikini cute 2 piece bikini set

  • Don’t buy anything in any size smaller than normal – if you can find a swimsuit that fits you perfectly, never go a size down! Instead, just go half or a full size up. It’s always better to buy big instead of buying smaller and then trying to squeeze everything in. If you get a swimsuit in a smaller size than normal, chances are that you’re going to end up with bulges and back fat that will leave marks from soreness all over. They’re also very uncomfortable and may limit your freedom of movement. On the other hand, if you buy a size up, you can always adjust your swimsuit so it fits you just right plus there’s plenty of room to move around in without risking anything showing.

pastel colored swimsuits

white ruffled bikini top

  • Find a swimsuit that will draw attention to assets – the key to looking hot in a swimsuit, and in anything in general, is to wear a piece that draws attention to your assets and away from your flaws. If you have sexy curves, for example, find a swimsuit that will accentuate them like a monokini. On the other hand, if you haven’t flattened out your tummy as much as you like, you can conceal it by going for a one-piece swimsuit that has a ruched detailing in your flawed area.

blue floral bikini red and blue tankini

  • Go for color – a lot of women tend to stick with black swimwear because of the slimming illusion / effect it gives but if you want to look really stunning at the beach, you should definitely go for colors when choosing your swimsuit. This will set you apart and will really make  you stand out from the crowd and, if you pick the right color for your skin, you’re sure to look your best, too!

neon colored bikini colorful swimsuit

  • Don’t rush. Never rush – if you’ve already been informed of plans for going to the beach, go and start scouring the stores for the perfect swimsuit immediately but don’t buy anything yet. You’ll never know if they’ll have newer designs in the coming weeks. Searching in advance will just give you a good glimpse of the options that you have so when you’re ready to buy, you’ve already seen at least the majority of what your favorite brands have to offer. Never buy a day or two before the trip because you might end up just settling for ‘whatever fits’ which may not be the most flattering piece for you.

black and white high waisted bikini bottom