4 Vintage Fashion Ideas and How You Can Rock This Trend

Vintage fashion is the newest trend we see pouring down the runways. There’s something about these clothes that remind us of the past and happily bring us a glimpse of the old world charm. Vintage fashion is so hot that a lot of weddings have been themed around this trend and quite honestly, most turned out to be a lovely event.

Vintage fashion is very glamorous. Women in the past used to dress very well and always looked polished and sophisticated for their time. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why the vintage fashion trend has come about. If you’re wondering how you can sport the vintage look in this modern world, here are some vintage fashion tips for you.

Remember to keep it dated – here’s the first rule to vintage fashion: no matter how glamorous vintage fashion is, remember not to go all the way. Add in a few modern pieces to keep your style updated and fresh. Wearing an all-vintage outfit can make you look dated and stuck in the past.

  • Start small – if you are just about to join the band wagon for vintage clothing, the key to not committing a fashion faux pas is to start small while you learn the ropes. If you feel like you need more time to research on vintage clothing, why not begin with wearing vintage accessories in the mean while? Some accessories that used to be popular in the past were pearl necklaces, cloche hats, hippie headbands, high top sneakers and boots that resemble today’s Doc Martens.

accessories vintage pearlaccessories cloche

  • Mini Dresses – if you feel confident enough to move on to vintage clothes, you’ll find that mini dresses are one of the hottest vintage pieces that you can wear. These used to be worn popularly during the 60s  either on their own or with leggings underneath.

vintage mini dress

vintage mini dress with beltvintage mini dress outfit

  • Get crop jackets – crop jackets used to be the trend back in the 50s and they’re also quickly becoming a trend today. Substitute your regular jacket with cool, short cropped ones to add a vintage flair to any outfit. this is perfect for fall because it will keep you warm without making you look  drab.

crop jacketcrop jacket vintage

  • Highwaisted pants –  if you want a more casual but still polished vintage fashion look, wearing a pair of highwaisted pants should be the perfect choice for a vintage piece for you. You can wear highwaisted pants with almost anything and look good. It also makes you look taller, especially when worn with heels.

 high waisted jeanshighwaist pantshighwaist trousers