4 Ways on How to Wear a Cardigan and Look Stylish

Cardigans are a much needed essential for fall and even winter. They keep you warm but aside from that, cardigans also can make or break your outfit. Lucky enough for us, most brands and designers now carry cardigans in different styles and designs making it hard to commit a fashion faux pas wearing one.

navy cardigan

mustard cardigan

Styling your cardigan is an easy task if you know what to do. Of course different styles will project different looks. So, here are some suggestions for you on how to wear a cardigan and how you can look stylish in them, too!

  • Boyfriend cardigan and shorts – this is the large, oversized cardigan that, according to the name, is supposed to look like your boyfriend or maybe even just a guy friend owns. Despite the size and style of this cardigan, there’s something that’s still so sexy about it. Boyfriend cardigans look perfect for cozy weekends when paired with shorts. The balance between being all covered-up up top and the amount of skin that shows with your shorts is what makes the whole ensemble to gorgeous.

oversize aztec cardigan

boyfriend cardigan

  • Belting a cardigan – since cardigans are often loose and flowy, it can conceal your curves rather than showcase it. if you want to look chic in a cardigan but still want to show off your amazing  curves, the best way to go about it is to wear your cardigan with a dress. It does not matter heaps what you’re wearing inside, just wear your cardigan with a belt to instantly add curves.

colorful cardigan with belt

simple cardigan and hermes belt

  • Layering with other essentials – cardigans are mostly worn during fall because it’s not too thick to make you feel hot, neither too thin to leave you freezing cold. However, if you wish to wear your cardigan for winter as well, simply adding a few other winter essentials may just do the trick for you. Wearing your cardigan with a scarf can help keep you warm during the rather cold winter season. You can also build your regular fall outfit with a cardigan and wear a coat over It to make it more appropriate for winter.

cardigan layering

scarf and cardiga

  • Buttoned up – if you have a round neck button up cardigan, you should try wearing it with a collared shirt while it’s all buttoned up. This will help you create a preppy look that’s perfect for any school day. Skip the round neck and collared shirt and opt for a v-neck cardigan with tube tops and tank tops if you want a casual chic look instead.

lace button up

preppy cardigan