4 Ways to Style Your Arm Party

Arm parties are still one of the biggest trends today and it’s not so surprising to see why. An outfit sure looks so much better when you have lots of fun and colorful arm candies stacked up your wrist. It just adds attitude to anything you’re wearing and it makes it look more exciting and interesting, too. Doing an arm party is also ideal if you just want to wear something plain and simple but don’t want your look to be too boring uninteresting. Of course, different outfits (for different dress codes) call for different arm parties. You don’t want your arm party to look like you just threw on whatever you could find from your jewelry armoire. You want to be careful with what you’re mixing and matching because you want an arm party that’s well put together as if there was a theme to it. Here are some suggested ways to style your arm party.

pink and turquoise cute and fun arm party

  • Boho arm party – Boho arm parties are perfect for summer. In this kind of arm party, you’ll mostly see arm candies like wooden beads, leather cuffs, stone beads, metal chains and metal charms so basically just anything with a natural origin and vibe. Fringed bracelets are welcome, too, and so are tassels as charms. Most Boho arm parties tend to gravitate towards earthy colors but you can always brighten it up if that’s what you prefer or if that’s what suits your style. What’s great about the Boho arm party is that you can never go overboard with it. You can pair it with chunky wooden necklaces and lots of rings on your fingers and still get away with it.

elegant gold arm party

boho style arm party boho themed arm party

  • Punk rock arm party – need an arm party to go with your all-leather outfit? Since leather has such a bad ass punk rock feel to it, why not complete the look and create a punk rock arm party as well? You’ll be needing mostly leather cuffs and a few couple arm candies that have studs and spikes on them. Lots of plain metal bracelets would look great with this arm party idea, too. if you’re planning on wearing any metal, choose silver because it looks sleek and super chic with black.

punk rock arm party simple punk rock arm party

  • Black tie arm party – if you think arm parties are for casual and street style looks only, you’re wrong. Even black tie outfits can be worn with an arm party as long as the pieces you choose to wear complement your outfit well. Black tie events are super elegant and fancy and so should your arm party be. Pick pieces that are simple, dainty and elegant and avoid pieces that are too chunky, loud and bright. Mostly composed of metal pieces, black tie arm parties can feature both gold and silver at the same time, depending on how luxe you want yours to be.

elegant gold arm party grown up arm party

  • Summer arm party – summer is the perfect time to bust out all your colorful arm candies and wear them like it’s nobody’s business. This season is the perfect excuse to stack up an arm part with no rhyme or rhythm whatsoever so go ahead, reach for all your faves and stack them all in one go.

bright summer arm party simple summer arm party