4 Ways to Wear a Graphic Tee

Graphic teess — we all have them, whether you actually really like wearing them or you just bought one once for yourself and it’s now sitting idly at the bottom of your closet. A graphic tee lends a very casual street feel to an outfit. However, graphic shirts with different designs when worn with different bottoms, shoes and accessories, can actually create quite a few cute and creative looks. No matter what the design of your graphic shirt is, there’s always a way that you can pretty it up and make it very appealing for a day to day casual outfit. Here are some ways to wear a graphic shirt:

  • Casual and ordinary – the most common and most popular way to wear a graphic shirt is to simply pair it with jeans. It’s a very plain outfit combination but you can always spice it up by accessorizing. With regards to footwear, sneakers and rubber shoes are the most popular choices but if you want to dress your outfit up a little bit, you can wear a pair of killer heels with it, possibly a studded pair to give it a bit of a rock and roll vibe.

jeans and graphic tee jeans and graphic shirt

  • Rock and roll – speaking of rock and roll, graphic shirts are the best way to sport a rocker chick look. Graphic band shirts usually look best when creating this look but any graphic shirt that you have on hand will do. To create an edgy look fit for a rock and roll chick, all you really have to do is wear your graphic shirt with either leather pants or a leather skirt. If the weather permits, go full on with a leather jacket, too. Complete your look with a pair of beat up biker boots and you’re ready to go.

leather and graphic tee

leather pants and graphic shirt leather pants and graphic tee

  • Girly with an edge – if you dig the cool vibe that a graphic shirt lends to any outfit but you still want to keep and incorporate your girly fashion style, then you should wear your graphic shirt with your favorite skirt. This look is very young and fresh and you can wear it on any casual day. Wear it with heels or flats to keep the outfit dressy or with sneakers or boots if you want to keep it rough and tough.

skirt and graphic shirt skirt and graphic tee

  • Boho rock – create an outfit that combines boho chic and rock and roll by wearing you graphic shirt on top of a maxi dress or with a maxi skirt. This look is perfect for fall, especially when paired with heavy boots that havr a utilitarian feel like biker boots or hunting boots. An outfit combination like this has the perfect balance between soft and hard.

maxi and graphic tee maxi and graphic shirt maxi and graphic shirt outfit