5 Chic Ways to Rock a Midi Skirt

Midi skirts have taken the fashion industry by storm and it is currently becoming a favorite for lots of fashionistas out there. There are so many reasons to love a midi skirt, the first one being that it is just so forgiving and it looks flattering on almost any body type / built. Another one is that it’s the perfect middle ground between miniskirts (which most people find too short for them) and maxi skirts (which other people find too long for them). Midi skirts are quite versatile, too. You can pull off a lot of looks from them and there are countless ways to style them. Here are some chic ways to rock a midi skirt.

  • Full midi skirt – if your style tends to lean more on the ladylike side, this is definitely for you. A full midi skirt is wonderful if you’re looking for a way to look dainty and feminine during daytime. You can wear it with heels and a cute, fancy top to go all out on the ladylike look or give it a street style flare by wearing it with something more casual like a funky sweater or a denim or chambray shirt.

pastel full midi retro inspired full skirt

  • Tulle midi skirt – for a really cute and princess-y take on the midi skirt, try opting for a midi skirt in tulle. Tulle midi skirts give you that romantic, fairytale princess-ish look that, because of the rather informal length, is completely wearable outside a ball. If you like making a statement with your outfits all the time, you should definitely consider adding a tulle midi skirt to your daytime wardrobe. It’s cute, it’s frilly and fun and it also has that nice, lovely twist that will make you feel oh so feminine and chic.

gray tulle midi

streetstyle parisian chic

  • Leather midi skirt – on the other hand, if you like going for the rough, punk, rock and roll chick kind of look, try a leather midi skirt. It’s going to give your whole look that edge and sleek, cool vibe, especially when worn with another leather piece on top or with leather boots for shoes. You can also wear your leather midi skirt with something dainty on top, like lace, to give it a bit of a sweet touch.

neutral color palette faux leather pleated midi skirt

  • Printed midi skirt – need something to liven up a plain and simple outfit? Why not try rocking a printed midi skirt? It’s a great way to add a pop of color to your everyday ordinary plain outfit. You can also wear your printed midi skirt with a printed or patterned top if you plan on pulling off the print on print trend as long as you make sure you have the print proportions right.

high waisted floral midi pink checkered skirt

  • With pointy toe shoes – as mentioned above, midi skirts are the perfect middle ground between miniskirts and maxi skirts because they aren’t too long nor too short. In fact, the length of a midi dress, when picked correctly, can make you look a few inches taller so it’s perfect for petite women. If you want to make the most out of the height boosting effect of midi skirts, make sure to wear shoes with pointy toes with them, especially nude ones that come close to your skin color. This trick will help make you look a lot taller that you really are.

black valentino pumps pointy toe nude shoes