5 Color Combinations That Are Perfect This Spring

After days of harsh winter, spring is, for some parts of the world, really like the rainbow after a heavy downpour of rain. There are splashes of color all over us after a heavy and murky atmosphere during the winter. And we greet the new season like kids from Oz, all bouncing happily as the world fills with colors beyond the winter’s common muted shades.

The most wonderful color combinations for this spring, and any spring for that matter, are those that create that bubbly and light feeling that comes with the end of winter season and the start of another blooming season.

Here are 5 color combinations that are perfect for spring and you can try these out soon!

Blue and orange

This color combination is a personal favorite of mine in spring and summer last year and it still is now in the spring and summer season of 2016. There is simply something different with this pair: orange is not exactly too contrasting with blue like yellow and blue isn’t too saturated for orange. You can go for a muted shade of orange and pair it with a dark blue shade or have them both in dark shades.

blue and orange orange and blue

Yellow and purple

I find that while either of the two colors are great to pair with lots of other colors, the yellow and purple color combination is simply perfect for spring. Combining a bright hue with something elegant, toning down the royalty feel of a dark purple color and making it wearable casually. I would go for either a solid yellow shade like egg yolk or something soft and slightly pastel like canary yellow. These are great to pair up with royal purple.

yellow and violet

yellow dress and violet sandals

Pink and green

Pink are often paired up with blue as it is pink’s unofficial opposite. Pink for baby girls, blue for boys… And they are a good color combo, I admit. But if you want pink to stand up for itself and not give off this totally girly vibe? Green would be one of the very few colors that will be perfect to incorporate in an outfit with pink. This is because the “gender-neutrality” of green tones down the “for girls” stereotype of pink.

pastel pink and green pink and green

Beige and red

If you think dark and rich colors like dark red is only for fall and winter, then you thought wrong. If you pair up red with neutral and light color like beige and incorporate red only in a small amount, then it’s a great color combo for a spring outfit. Beige and red in particular are a great color combo for spring. This would be a wonderful color combination to wear for a work outfit.

red and beige biege and red

Turquoise and fuchsia

This one’s similar with pink and green with a little ounce of blueness to it. The big difference between fuchsia/turquoise and pink/green is that the former is a jewel tone. An outfit of turquoise and fuchsia will be great for any party, whether formal or informal.

turquoise and fuchsia fuchsia and turquoise