5 Cozy and Cute Winter Outfits

Winter is just right around the corner and while it’s always nice to sit around and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tea with family and friends, let’s not forget that winter also calls for a wardrobe update. Now, this doesn’t always necessarily mean that you have to splurge on new clothes if you’ve spent and invested on winter clothes in the past years, chances are that you already have the staples so all you’ll need now are the cute little accessories and details to complete your cute winter outfits.

  • Dress or party coat – winter is the coldest season of the year which is why coats are important if you’re wearing an elegantly chic dress that doesn’t really cover up well. However, just throwing on a regular, oversized grungy everyday coat will not only ruin your whole outfit, it’s going to cover up that fabulous dress as well. Stay stylish and chic and invest in at least one dress coat or party coat that you can use for formal and special events.

kate's coat

simple coat dress

  • Mega Scarf and skinny jeans – mega scarves, or those scarves that are extremely large to the point that you’ll look like you’re drowning in them, are so trendy for winter because despite their size, they’re really good for keeping you warm. To balance the volume on your upper body, wear skinny jeans that fit you really well. Leggings will also work although jeans are warmer compared to leggings. You can also wear a tight fitting vest so that your body shape is not concealed by your mega scarf, especially if you’ve got those sexy curves.

baggy sweater scarf and skinny jeans

mega scarf

  • Fake fur with the ususal – sometimes, all it really takes to make your outfit more exciting is to add something interesting, like a fur jacket. Don on your casual, everyday winter clothes and throw on a fur jacket on top to instantly add a twist. Your outfit can be as plain as a white top, jeans and black shoes, it doesn’t matter, the fur jacket will take care of the posh factor.

chunky fur coat

fur cocoon

  • Black and white – who says you have to choose? Combining individual black and white pieces can make you look very classy and elegant and can actually help you channel a very sophisticated Parisian girl vibe. Combine a white top with a black blazer, white skirt and black leggings underneath, the possibilities of what you can combine from your closet is endless!

bnw winter outfit

blacknwhite winter

  • The POC trend – doing a POC or pop of color can be very interesting and fun. This is one of the trends that is easiest to pull off, especially for winter when everybody’s go to color is black. Break up an all black ensemble by wearing something that really gives a pop of color like perhaps a neon scarf or shoes with an interesting print and maybe even a really loud and bold belt.

purple pop of coloryellow skirt poc trend

Floral Cardigan With Scarf and Winter Boots