5 Easy and Gorgeous Looks to Create with a Skater Skirt

There’s no denying it – skater skirts have completely penetrated the fashion scene and celebs, models and regular Plain Janes alike are going gaga over this cute and versatile piece. Skater skirts are super gorgeous on long legs but that doesn’t mean the petite ladies can’t rock them. Of course, you’ll just have to find the right length for a skater skirt to look amazing on shorter legs and make them look equally gorgeous. Though the name suggests otherwise, skater skirts are actually very girly and dainty. They’re very versatile and there are so many looks you can create with them. Check out our favorite looks for wearing a skater skirt below:

  • Office look – how you look at work is important because that contributes a lot to what people will think of you and how they will interact with you. Your looks can also help create a first impression on someone you’ll be meeting for the first time. This is why you’ll want to look smart and stylish all the time when you’re in the work place and can achieve that by wearing your skater skirt with a collared shirt and a blazer. It’s the usual office outfit combo but the skater skirt gives it a nice, girly detail. Wear some powerful heels to complete your look.

office look office outfit

  • Casual look – for the ladies who have a very feminine sense of style, skirts are a must have even for casual day to day outfits and a skater skirt is perfect for just that. Wear your skater skirt with a regular shirt to dress it down a little bit. You can also pair it with a denim top or jacket (if the weather permits) to make it really casual and ready for the streets. You can wear sneakers, flats, boots or even flipflops with this outfit combo, whatever floats your boat.


casual look

  • Smart casual look – there are just those days and times when you want to dress up and look good but don’t want to overdo it like you’re going to some formal even or something. For those days, the combination of a skater skirt with a comfy sweater and some fabulous accessories is the perfect choice. This gives you a casual yet polished look that you can wear around town. You can wear this look with either flats or heels, depending on whether you want the look to exude more smart than casual or the other way around.

smart casual look smart casual

  • Romantic look – a skater skirt has a really feminine silhouette. it’s an A-line that’s not fully flared which gives it that slight romantic touch. You can take this romantic touch up further by wearing your skater skirt with dainty pieces like a lace top or a pastel colored top. This look is perfect for going on causal dates. Complete your look with a sexy pair of heels to get an all out girly vibe.

romantic look romantic

  • Party look – wear your skater skirt with something fun and fab like a sheer top or a glittery one, a crop top or a corset and put on your best face to create the most amazing part look with a skater skirt ever! Go big on accessories and make sure to bring out your highest heels and you’re sure to rock the party scene all night!

party look