5 Embellished Pieces You Can Add to Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is one of the most fun seasons because we get to see and wear a lot of bright colors. Most women shop for their spring wardrobe with bright, vibrant colors in mind and this translates to a really fun and stylish closet full of pretty little things that you could use for spring. Playing around with colors is really fun but not everyone is comfortable or brave enough to mix and match colors out of their comfort zones. So what’s the next best thing after sporting fun colors in your outfit? Rocking embellished pieces, of course! Embellished pieces are great if you want to add something fancy but not too flashy too your look. Check out these embellished pieces you can add to your spring wardrobe for a dressier and more ornate look.

  • Embellished pants – embellished pants are a fun way to dress up a simple, casual outfit. They’re super fun to make as well and they’re quite easy to do, too, although you can always purchase a pair that’s already embellished and ready to wear. If you’re looking for a way to make a statement with your outfit that’s sure to be an eye catcher, you should definitely try sporting a pair of embellished pants.

elegant embellished pants gold studded pants

  • Embellished purse – want to keep your outfit simple and minimalistic but don’t want it to look too plain, simple or boring? You can sport the minimalist look and still have an outfit that’s exciting and lively by carrying a cute embellished purse. An embellished purse is the easiest to pull off, too, since it isn’t such a huge part of your outfit so if you’re still testing the waters for sporting embellished pieces, you can start with carrying an embellished purse.

cute embellished purse

embellished envelope purse

  • Embellished shirts and tank tops – embellished shirts and tank tops are great if you’re doing a bit of layering on your outfit. Wearing your embellished shirts or tank tops with simpler pieces will make them pop and really stand out. If you’re the crafty type, I’m pretty sure you’ll love embellishing old t-shirts and tank tops and bring them back to life for spring.

gem embellished shirt shoulder embellishment detail

  • Embellished jacket – another embellished piece to add to your spring wardrobe is an embellished jacket. Jackets are much easier to embellish, in case you’re thinking of embellishing your own. They’re sturdier and can hold up embellishments better so you can go all out with the ornaments. Going out to a date or a party for the night? Wear an embellished jacket on top of your outfit for an instantly chic overall look.

street style embellished jacket silve jacket embellished

  • Embellished shoes – another one of the easier pieces to pull off embellished are shoes. Embellished shoes are a great way to make a statement. A lovely pair can easily transform a boring outfit into a more exciting one. Embellished shoes come in all forms, styles and designs – from sandals to flats to wedges and heels. Dress up a casual look with embellished flats or take the fancy level of your work wardrobe up a notch with embellished pumps. You’ll find that there are embellished shoes that will go with any of your outfits, you just have to either take your time searching for them or make them yourself.

colorful embellished shoes bead embellished shoes