5 Fashion Risks That Are Worth Taking

When it comes to fashion, figuring out which style flatters your figure the most can be quite a challenging task and that is why a lot of women tend to stick to one style once they find which one suits them best. However, sporting the same style for years can be a bore. Exploring and experimenting with other newer styles is always tempting but there’s not a lot of women I know who are brave and bold enough to take the risk. If you’re thinking of rejuvenating your closet, though, stepping out of your comfort zone might be a good idea. In case you’re wondering where to start, check out our list below of 5 fashion risks that are worth taking.

  • Monochromatic outfits – a lot of women tend to shy away from sporting a monochromatic outfit because they’re afraid that it will end up looking tacky. Well, there are cases where monochromatic outfits do look uncool but it’s only because these outfits weren’t mixed and matched well together. To make your monochromatic outfit stylish, work with different textures or different shades. Monochromatic outfits are worth a try, especially if you’re looking for a kind of outfit that can make you look taller and more slender.

monochromatic outfits monochromatic

  • Chunky heels – forget about those tall slinky stiletto heels and try chunky heels instead. They’re cute, they’re much more stable compared to slimmer heels and they’re perfect if you want something that can instantly lend any outfit a cool retro-ish kind of vibe. Aside from that, chunky heels are much more ornate today so don’t be afraid of looking like you’re wearing Granny’s shoes. For good measure, go for Mary Jane style pumps with chunky heels or a pair of chunky heeled Oxford shoes. They look much more modern than plain pumps or sling backs.


chunky heels

  • Bright jeans – adding a splash of color to a plain outfit can really make a huge difference and if you’re looking for a new way to do this, why not go for colored jeans instead of the usual denim wash? Bright colored jeans are fun, hip and young. They’re perfect if you want to make an outfit look really lively and vibrant despite the simplicity. Even a plain white t-shirt will look fab when paired with bright jeans.

bright bright jeans

  • Thigh high slits – they’re not exactly “office friendly” but they’re a great option if you want to show a little bit of skin without your whole look being too racy. In fact, when done right, thigh high slits can look elegant. The secret to keeping thigh high slits looking classy is balance. Make sure your top doesn’t show too much skin because your bottom is already getting that job done. Floor-length skirts or dresses with thigh high slits will give your outfit a bit of drama. Finish off with sexy heels and you’re ready to go!

thigh high dress thigh high slit

  • Print on print – this has actually been one of the hottest trends from 2013 but they’re still hot for 2014 so why not try it out? Experimenting with prints is easy. You just have to remember that when wearing big prints on top, you should wear smaller scale prints on the bottom part of your outfit and vice versa.

print print on print