5 Gorgeous Styles of Cardigan Coats You Should Have

A cardigan coat may seem like a very simple piece that you can wear but its versatility is incredibly stunning. With so many styles and designs that you can choose from, the humble cardigan coat has indeed come a long way from being something so boring into something that can totally make your whole outfit a lot more fabulous. Aside from being super fashionable, another reason why cardigan coats are so popular is because they’re great at keeping you warm on a windy / chilly day. Depending on what kind of cardigan coat you get, it can take you anywhere from a windy day to a freezing cold day with ease. Here are 5 of the most gorgeous styles of cardigan coats that you should totally check out. And, while you’re at it, why not grab one for yourself?

  • Belted Cardigan Coat– most cardigan coats tend to be shapeless and if you’re the kind who doesn’t look too good without at least a bit of curve, then belting your cardigan is definitely the best way to go. There are cardigan coats that have belts built in on them that will let you cinch the cardigan around the waist and belt it easily but if you can’t find anything like this or if you simply have too many cardigans that you don’t want to spend money on another one, you can simply take any from the ones that you already have and use a thin belt to cinch the waist and create an hourglass figure that will make you look sexier.

belted belted cardigan coat

  • Boyfriend Style Cardigan Coat – a boyfriend style cardigan coat is the perfect choice if you’re aiming for a relaxed and laidback look. Boyfriend style cardigans are always a few sizes bigger than what you would normally wear. The main objective of it is to make it look like you’re wearing something straight out of your boyfriend’s closet, thus the name. Boyfriend style cardigan coats are also often worn with the sleeves rolled up in half to give it that rough, manly vibe.

boyfriend style cardigan coat

boyfriend style

  • Buttoned-up Cardigan Coat – another great way to have your cardigan look shapelier is for you to wear it buttoned up. Some cardigan coats don’t have buttons on them and these are the type that you simply throw on top of whatever you are wearing and there are also those that have buttons on them. The latter is ideal if you’re going for a more preppy or posh kind of look. Buttoning up your cardigan also makes it hug your body more so it follows your natural body shape and curves. This is, of course, unless you are wearing an oversized one.

buttoned up cardigan coat buttoned up cardigan

  • Full-length Cardigan Coat – if you’re looking for a cardigan that will go well with a dressier ensemble, a full length cardigan is your best bet. Full length cardigan coats have an elegant and romantic look that makes it the perfect complement to an outfit that requires something a little more than casual.

full length floor length cardigan coat

  • Knitted Cardigan Coat– we all know cardigan coats are great at keeping us warm but if you’re on the search for a cardigan that you can use for colder seasons like fall and winter, you’ll definitely fall in love with knitted cardigan coats. Not only are these super comfy and toasty, they’re also very cute and stylish.

knitted cardigan coat knitted cardigan