5 Hat Styles to Go with Your Spring Outfits

Hats are extremely useful accessories. They don’t only make your outfits look more stylish, they actually serve a purpose and that is to protect your hair from the outdoor conditions and elements that may potentially cause harm and damage to it. Some women don’t like wearing hats because their hair tends to look disheveled after they take it off but there’s always an easy solution to that. I personally think that wearing a hat and having hat hair is worth it if it means less hair damage from the pollution and heat. Check out these 5 hat styles that are sure to complete your spring outfits and keep your hair safe from harm.

  • Fedora hat – fedora hats are so dapper and jazzy. There’s just something about them that makes most people think ‘uptown’ when they see these kinds of hats. Fedora hats used to be only for men but because fashion today is more forgiving and versatile, fedora hats have become a staple in women’s accessory arsenals as well. This hat style can be worn with just about anything you have in your spring wardrobe, from tanks tops and shorts to girly and flirty dresses. If you’re looking for a go-to hat this spring, definitely consider getting a fedora hat.

brown fedora hat black and white fedora

  • Bowler hat – if you’re more of a retro / vintage kind of girl and you love dressing up in cute and stylish retro inspired / retro style pieces, you should definitely get a bowler hat. A bowler hat has a bubble shaped dome and a curved brim and it has a distinct vintage look to it that you won’t find in any other hats today. It’s definitely a must have for anyone who loves fashion items that are vintage / retro inspired.

classic black bowler

nice brown bowler

  • Wide brim hat – wide brim hats are more popular during summer time when going to the beach is all that everyone does but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it for spring, now, does it? Wide brim hats are so elegant and chic, especially the floppy ones. They’re always the hat of choice of rich and sassy women on TV and in the movies. They go especially well with dresses and posh outfits.

floppy wide brim hat straw wide brim hat

  • Panama hat – ah, the perfect hat for cruising and lounging around under the hot springtime sun. Panama hats are often made of straw so they’re very breathable and won’t leave you sweating even after hours of having it on. They go well with just about anything, too – dresses, shirts, tank tops, even bikinis! It’s the perfect hat to wear with your casual and street style outfits.

panama hat and dress panama hat and casual outfit

  • Baseball cap – last on our list, of course, is the baseball cap which I believe everyone has at least one or two of. A baseball cap is another hat style that you can wear with casual and street style outfits. You can also throw it on as a last minute accessory to complete a sporty look. They’re super cute and they have a slight tomboy-ish feel to them.

cute baseball cap outfit reverse baseball cap