5 Must Have Fall Dresses

Whether you live in the big city or in a small town, prepping up your closet to make it fall ready can be stressful at one point. For one, fall is quite a wet season so you need to stock up on clothes that are going to keep you dry and warm but then again, these clothes also need to be stylish and fashionable all at the same time. Dressing up for fall does not need to be such a pain; you just have to know what clothes to get. To help you get started, here are a few must have fall dresses that will surely inspire you.

  • Sweater dresses – sweater dresses are perfect for fall. They’re comfortable, they’re stylish and they’re easy to mix and match with other clothing pieces as well as accessories. This fall dress can be worn on its own or with pants, leggings or whatever you fancy. If you want something casual for lazy days or something you can lounge around in, knitted sweater dresses are a good choice. However, if you want something that you can wear to school or work go for sweater dresses that are made from either one or a combination of cotton and cashmere.

knit sweater dress

sweater dress and boots

  • Pencil skirt dresses – these are perfect for when you want to look pretty and polished. Pencil skirt dresses have a slimming effect and are perfect as an outfit going to work. With the right shoes, accessories and makeup, the pencil skirt dress can be worn from day to night.

pencil skirt dress

pencil skirt checkered

  • Smock dresses – smock dresses bring about a feeling of nostalgia. This dress recently resurfaced from the 90’s and made its way into the top spots of the fall fashion must haves of 2013 rather quickly. If you’re feeling tired of your usual top and skinny jeans outfit and if pencil skirt dresses are just too ‘proper’, the smock dress is an ideal alternative. It’s feminine and has a relaxed and laidback look to it.

fall smock dress

smock dress

  • Peasant dresses – the free flowing form of peasant dresses is just perfect for those who appreciate dresses that give them a little space to move around in. modern peasant dresses are plainer compared to the cheeky, embroidered ones people used to wear back in the days though those designed for fall may have fall friendly prints like plaid. These are perfect for when you want to look girly and romantic like going out on a date.

peasant dress

checkered peasant dress

  • Trumpet dresses – trumpet dresses are like the fall counterpart of peplums. These dresses are perfect for flattering your tush. These dresses are also very easy to wear and style. They go with almost any style of footwear, be it heels, boots or wedges.

trumpet hem dress

navy trumpet dress