5 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Should Have

Shoes are one of the many things that women are obsessed about. No matter if it’s actually buying the shoes or just looking at a certain gorgeous pair every single time you pass by it at the mall. Shoes just bring us some kind of confidence and comfort. No every woman can afford to just buy whatever pair of shoes she wants, though. Here’s a list of shoes that every woman should have at least a pair of.

  • Training shoes – training shoes, rubber shoes, gym shoes – whatever you call it, you need one pair of it. Every woman needs to stay fit and healthy to keep looking fab so make sure to get a good pair of training shoes that you can use at the gym and for outdoor exercise activities. You can get rubber shoes for your kind of sport, too, if that’s what keeps you healthy. Ask around about the different features of each shoe design to see what will work best for you. you will also be able to use these shoes when you want to come up with an outfit that has an athletic or sporty vibe.

training shoes training shoes outfit

  • Nude heels – another pair of shoes that you should definitely get your hands on are nude heels. Nude heels come in handy during those time when you want to dress up and make your legs look longer than they really are. Nude shoes help create the illusion of long legs because the color of the shoes blend in to your skin which makes a continuous line. When choosing nude shoes, look for a pair with the color closest to your skin tone. Otherwise, it will just be another pair of shoes without a purpose to add to your closet.

nude heels oufit

nude heels

  • Black pumps – if there’s one pair of shoes that you’ll definitely get the most out of, it has got to be black pumps. You can wear them to dress up a t-shirt-and-jeans outfit, you can wear them with your little black dress, you can wear them to work, you can wear them to a party, you can wear them with just about anything and everything you have in your closet. With that being said, it’s always s good idea to invest in a pair that has great quality since you’ll probably be using this pair the most.

black pumps outfit black pumps

  • Ballet Flats – you can’t live in heels. That’s a fact. Eventually, your feet will get tired or you will get tired from having to walk on tippy toes and that’s why you need a cute pair of ballerina flats. They’re a great alternative to wearing heels and they don’t strain your feet like the latter does. Every woman needs a pair of ballet flats, even the petite ones. They may not make you look taller but they will surely give you comfort when your feet gets tired.

ballet flats ballet flats outfit

  • Boots – boots aren’t just for winter. You can wear them all year round, too. Go for a pair of boots that you will be able to pair with other non-winter items in your closet. So, if you like wearing short, get ankle boots but if you live in skinny jeans, knee-high boots are a definite must have for you. Get them in neutral colors, too, so mixing and matching won’t be a problem.

boots boots outfit