5 Summer Staples You Can Wear All Year Round

If there’s anything a lot of fashionistas are excited about going from one season to another, it’s the wardrobe revamp. There’s just something so fun and sometimes even therapeutic about stashing away clothes and putting new ones in. You don’t necessarily have to buy new clothes or accessories to welcome the new season, especially when you’re on a tight budget but buying a few essentials never hurt anyone. If you’re a busy woman, though, having to purge your closet with every season that comes through may not be as exciting because, honestly, it takes up a lot of time and energy which you could use to do something else. Wouldn’t it be so convenient if there were items you never have to take out from the closet because they work all year long? Here are some summer staples you can wear all year round.

  • Maxi dress – a lot of women thing maxi dresses are only for summer but you can actually wear them all year long. For summer, wear maxi dresses on their own with a pair of cute thong sandals or flip flops. You can wear them for spring by pairing it with spring knits or a light denim jacket. Keep yourself warm during fall and winter with a jacket on top of your maxi dress and a pair of biker boots and you’ve got that chic and dramatic look that’s perfect for any winter day.

blue floral maxi dress maxi dress outfit for fall

  • Slip dress – they used to be something no woman would wear out in public but today fashionistas are wearing it to get the perfect ‘morning after’ look. For the warmer spring and summer months, polish up a slip dress and make it more daytime appropriate by wearing a blazer on top. During the colder fall and winter months, just wear your slip dress underneath a classy pea coat or a trench to get that sexy and sophisticated look.

spring slip dress look

all white slip dress outfit

  • Tank tops – tank tops, including crop tops, are a perennial summer favorite but they’re not just great for keeping you cool and stylish under the hot summer sun, you can use your tank tops all year round as well. If, in summer, you usually wear tank tops on their own with just some shorts and sneakers, you can use them as a layering piece for fall and winter instead. Wear them with cute skirts for spring to get that effortlessly chic look.

cropped tank top gray tank top and jeans

  • White shirt – we all love a crisp white shirt for summer. Wear them on their own with anything from shorts to leggings to jeans and some cute accessories and you have yourself an easy summer look. Like tank tops, you can wear white shirts all year round as well. For the colder fall and winter months, wear them underneath sweaters to get a warm, preppy and chic look.

classic white shirt outfit white tee outfit

  • Ankle boots – ankle boots are the kind of boots you’d wear for summer because they’re not too warm. They look great with dresses and shorts which are other summer wardrobe must haves. In fact, ankle boots look great with just about anything, making them a summer staple that you can use all year long.

white floaty dress and tan boots festival outfit ankle boots