5 Trendy Printed Jeans You Should Add to Your Closet

Jeans are, without a doubt, one of the most worn pieces of clothing by both men and women. From the traditional classic blue jeans, we now have a lot of different styles of washes, colors and even prints to choose from. This year, printed jeans hit an all time high in the fashion industry when more women started wearing them instead of the plain kind. Printed jeans have become so popular that a lot of brands started making and selling them but some pairs could burn a hole in your pocket if you’re on a tight budget. The good news, though, is that you can actually DIY your own printed pants with inexpensive materials. Here are 5 trendy printed jeans that you should add to your closet:

  • Floral jeans – floral jeans are perfect if you are going for a frilly, flirty and feminine look. Floral jeans generally can come in three different styles: pastel floral jeans, bright and colorful floral jeans and floral jeans that come with darker colors. Floral jeans that use soft pastel colors are perfect for a dainty kind of outfit, bright and colorful floral jeans are very summery and they would make a nice pick if you want something cheerful and exciting while dark floral jeans are the perfect way to bring a little bit of summer and spring into fall.

floral jeans floral jeans outfit

  • Galaxy jeans – galaxy jeans may look like they’re very difficult and complicated to make on your own but all you really need are some fabric paints and a sponge to create your own using an old pair of jeans. What’s great about making galaxy jeans is that it’s an abstract design so you can do whatever you want with it. galaxy jeans are perfect if you want to add a generous splash of color to your outfit without looking like a walking rainbow.

galaxy jeans outfit

galaxy jeans

  • Leopard prints jeans – animal print is very much on trend during colder seasons like fall and winter and the most popular kind of animal print is the leopard print. Leopard print jeans convey a bold and sexy vibe. Most leopard print jeans come in the colors brown and black though there are also wacky looking ones in loud colors like neon green and orange. If you want a classic look you can pull off easily, we suggest you go with the natural neutral colors.

leopard print jeans leopard print jeans outfit

  • Polka dot jeans – polka dot jeans are classic and simple but they’re also very fun and quirky. Some polka dot jeans come in two colors: the base / background color and the color of the dots on it, while some come in a dizzying array of colors that make it a great choice for creating whimsical

polka dot jeans polka dots

  • Striped jeans – striped jeans are very fashion forward but it’s not something that all women are brave enough to wear. Some fear that striped jeans will make their legs look weird but there are some who are lucky enough to be able to pull anything off including striped jeans. You can wear striped jeans with a black or white top for an edgy look but you can also wear it with other colors for a sophisticated vibe.

striped jeans outfit

striped jeans