5 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas Other than Red Dress

We’ve got the red dress inspos for Valentine’s Day covered up already in the previous post. Check it out, by the way! But what if you want to be different and don’t want the stereotypical red dress outfit for the day of hearts?

Well, well, well. I’ve got just the perfect look for you! Valentine’s Day is not a uniform-needed event. It’s very loose on what you want to wear. The basic theme, if it can even be called theme, is that you should look romantic and allure or both if you can. Here are 5 other Valentine’s Day outfit ideas that you can whip up other than the red dress.

Novelty Prints Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day of hearts, anyway. So there’s no stopping you from wearing heart prints during this day. I find that heart printed clothes are better worn by adults when they are in neutral colors rather than bold ones. Patterned heart prints are also far better than those graphic prints often seen in statement tees. These are great tips for those who want to play it safe with the heart prints this Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to go too overwhelming anyway, right? Unless, of course, the “heart” that you plan on going for is the anatomical heart, which I think goes well in an edgy outfit.

heart print shirt heart clutch

Always Chic and Trusty Little Black Dress

You can always rely on your trusty little black dress to make you look chic and stylish whenever you need to. And the Valentine’s Day is simply a perfect time to look so. I’m sure that all of us has that little black dress that is simply elegant and fitting for any kind of occasion that we want to wear it to. If you are looking on new ones and don’t know what or how to pick the perfect dress for your body type, head on to this article for more tips and deets!

little black dress halter

little black dress

Ladylike Lessons with Lacy Dresses

Look at me attempting to do some alliteration in that title. I’ve already established in the previous post and some other posts before that lace is one of the most romantic and artistically and aesthetically amazing fabric that ever existed. Thus, it is also one of the most perfect fabric to wear during the Valentine’s Day. You can either go for bold colors like red and burgundy with lace for a sultry yet still classy look or go all romantic with soft pastel colors like light pink and sky blue. You have the choice.

red lacy dress pink lace dress

Ruffled Essence Everywhere

I have also mentioned numerous times in this site that ruffles gives this whimsical, flirty and playful essence into whatever kind of outfit you have. The great thing about ruffle is that it is merely an addition. And what’s great about ruffles being only an addition is that you can wear it in either an edgy outfit or a more girly look and you’d still achieve that ounce of whimsicality that ruffles give and the ruffles will still belong neatly into the outfit.

ruffled dress floral ruffled skirt

Leather Minis For The Perfect After-Dinner Party or Clubbing

If you plan on going to the club or any party after a wonderfully romantic evening or if you’re like me and you are hanging out with your fellow single girl friends, leather mini skirt is the beautiful edgy addition that you want on your outfit.

leather mini skirt outfit leather mini skirt