5 Ways to Add a Splash of Color to Your Outfit

If you’re someone who loves being able to pull off outfits easily everyday then neutral colors probably abound in your wardrobe. There’s really nothing wrong with wearing simple, subtle and neutral colors every day. However, at some point, you will tend to get tired of the same old look. Updating a neutral outfit is easy. All you need to do is introduce some colors and your look is instantly refreshed. Here are 5 ways to add a splash of color to your outfit and make it look more interesting.

  • Wear colorful statement earrings – if you want to keep the pieces in your outfit in a neutral color but would like to add some bright hues somewhere, why not wear a pair of bright, bold and colorful statement earrings? You can wear plain solid faux gem colors or you can also take the more casual route and go for beaded earrings that feature a multitude of colors. You can also explore other textures for your earrings to keep the colors alive and vibrant. Glass shards, feathers, plastic, stones and other materials can make your colored earrings look even better.

earrings earrings outfit

  • Incorporate a scarf in your outfit – even when the weather is warm, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate a scarf in your outfit. Scarves are often colorful and they feature such beautiful and intricate details and designs which makes them the perfect piece to use if you want to add a splash of color to your outfit. Wear it around your neck, wear it as a headband, tie it on to your purse, wrap it around your wrist and make it look like a cuff – the uses for a single scarf is endless. Of course, you can always choose a scarf in a plain solid color if you want to get more of a minimalist look.

scarf outfit


  • Sashay in a pair of bright colored shoes – donning on a neutral outfit from head to toe can be classy, chic and sleek but why stop there when you can make it cute as well? Throw in a surprise to the people you’ll walk past by when they give you the head to foot scan by wearing a pair of bright colored shoes when wearing a neutral outfit all over. You can wear any pair of footwear of your choice – heels, wedge, flats, sandals – as long as they come in a striking color.

shoes outfit shoes

  • Wear a flashy and colorful statement necklace – looking for a way to add a splash of color to your neutral outfit that no one would miss? Wear a flashy and colorful statement necklace with any neutral outfit and you’re sure to grab the attention of onlookers. If your outfit is as plain as can be, don’t worry about going overboard with your necklace and choose the fanciest one with the most colors on it.

necklace outfit necklace

  • Put on a hat – a hat is such a functional accessory. It doesn’t only make your outfit look more complete but could also be used as a cover up for your hair when you’re having a bad hair day or could keep your hair protected from the heat and in place in case the wind is blowing way too hard. Most of all, it’s a cute way to add a splash of color to your outfit, too.

hat outfit hat