5 Ways to Wear Booties

Booties are the more used and more popular term for ankle boots. Lots of people say this is because ankle boots carry a slight resemblance to baby booties, thus the name. When booties first came out, they were thought to be just another passing fashion trend. However, after many years of still being on the scene, booties have proved to be one of the footwear staples for many women. If you want to know how you can wear your booties and create different looks, here are some tips and ideas we’ve gathered for you:

  • Casual for summer – booties are the perfect kind of boots to wear during the warmer seasons like summer and spring. It’s not too high up to cover your legs so they’re not too warm for these days. Booties, during the summer, can be worn with your favorite pair of shorts to create a very casual look that you can wear when you’re just hanging out and about with friends.

casual summer outfit casual summer

  • Sleek and monochromatic – you can achieve a very sleek and sophisticated look wearing booties by pairing it with pants of the same color. Black usually works best when you’re going for this look.  A pair of black pants or black leggings worn with black booties does not only look nice, it also creates an illusion of length which makes you look taller.

monochromatic black

monochromatic look

  • Dangerously dainty – spring time calls for lots of dainty, girly, flirty and frilly dresses but sometimes wearing the same old sweet spring time look can be a little boring. You can spice up your spring time look and make it edgier by wearing cute booties with your dress instead of the traditional ballet flats, heels, and strappy sandals. You can take this look to fall just by adding tights or leggings underneath your dress and / or a jacket or blazer on top.

dress and booties outfit dress and booties

  • Get Preppy – if you want a preppy look while wearing your favorite pair of booties, all you really have to do is add socks that are longer or taller than the height of your booties to make sure they stick out and peek a little. Knee high socks would also work if you’re wearing a short skirt or dress. This would look best when worn with a button down and a skirt but you can really wear anything you want with it.

preppy look preppy outfit

  • Street style – take your booties to the streets and rock them with a pair of jeans. This combination creates a casual look that you can wear any time, regardless of the season. If you want to make your look even more fit for the streets, go for distressed or ripped jeans.

jeans and booties outfit jeans and booties