5 Ways To Wear Chic Equestrian-Inspired Outfits

A couple of weeks ago, it girl and model Bella Hadid revealed in Porter Magazine that she is hoping to compete in the horse riding event in the 2016 Summer Olympics. And we are all excited about this. The news also gave us a new style inspiration: equestrian chic.

Equestrians have a certain dress code when going out to ride their horses and they need something comfortable to wear. But there is also an essence of classiness and elegance to their dress code as well as a great mix of sportiness that is a tad bit more formal than your regular athleisure outfits. Here are some four important staples to an equestrian-inspired outfit and five ways to wear them.


This one item is one of the most vital characteristic that entails the outfit is equestrian-inspired. Riding boots are the very footwear that horseback riders wear when riding horses. And they are the perfects shoes to wear for fall and winter.

Emma Watson riding boots | Aelidariding boots outfit | Aelida


Riding pants are naturally tight. They are made that way so that equestrians will not be bothered by their pants while riding out. It also helps when climbing up on the back of their horse. In case of fashion, I just think that riding pants have that exact amount of tightness that makes them a great alternative to skinny jeans. And the pants are so tight that there will not be any lumps when you wear boots over it.

Taylor Swift riding pants | Aelida

white pants and boots | Aelida


Polo shirts are another garment that women have taken inspiration from the men. But these days, it has basically become a gender-neutral article of clothing. The shirt has an innate sportiness in them and they are a great top for an equestrian-inspired look during the summer.

white polo shirt | AelidaIggy Azalea polo shirt | Aelida


For fall and winter or when the weather is cold, blazers are a great thing to wear. And with the right blazer, you will be able to achieve an equestrian-inspired look with all the chicness included. You want to go for sporty blazers with accented lapels and if you want you can also layer a vest between the blazer and the shirt creating a three piece suit.

Karlie Kloss green blazer | Aelidared blazer | Aelida


Double buttons, also called as double breasted, somehow creates this impression of nautical, preppy, or sporty feel depending on how you wear the double-breasted coat. Dress coats with double buttons paired with tight pants and knee-high boots offer the equestrian chic look that street style muse Taylor Swift has gone all-out on with a complementary cap.

Taylor Swift equestrian outfit | AelidaJulia Roberts double buttoned coat | Aelida


With the four equestrian wardrobe staples mentioned above, you can bring them all together for an all-out equestrian chic ensemble or pick up one or two of the staples aforementioned and create a hybrid look. Wearing a pair of riding boots with tank tops and scarf give out a ragged chic look with a dash of sportiness while choosing a particular color scheme like the classic black and white give off a modern classic look.

black and white outfit | Aelidaskinny pants | Aelida