5 Ways to Wear Knits this Winter

Knits are one of the most sought after kinds of clothes during winter because they’re very warm, cozy and comfortable. They have a very homey feel about them and they come in various styles, too, which make them a nice addition to any closet. Here are 5 of our favorite ways to wear knits this winter.

  • Knit sweater dress – a knit sweater dress is perfect if you’re longing for that relaxed Saturday lazy day feel any time of the week. It’s very laidback and it makes for a perfect casual outfit. A good pair of jeans or leggings along with a chic and cute pair of boots should have you looking stylish and effortlessly fabulous in no time at all. You can also go for an oversized knit sweater dress if you want to go all out on the relaxed and laidback look. You can wear it on its own or you can also wear it with leggings or tights underneath for extra warmth.

knit sweater dress knit sweater dress outfit

  • Knit Scarf – who doesn’t love a good scarf around her neck when the temperature starts to drop and everything outside just begins to freeze? A scarf is a very useful accessory that you can add to your outfit not only to make it look stylish but to keep you warm as well. Knit scarves are by far one of the best when it comes to providing warmth and comfort without sacrificing style. You can choose from a wide variety of knit scarves from the plain and simple ones to ones that have cute patterns and even the infinity type ones that can also function as a snood.

sweater knit


  • Knit beanie – one of the most effective ways to keep yourself warm and toasty during cold days in winter is to keep your ears covered. You can do this with style simply by putting on a knit beanie. Knit beanies also come in many fun and stylish designs, including those that have crazy fun ears and pompoms attached to them. Take your pick and be cozy all day.


knit beanie

  • Knit tanks – knit tank tops may not be too warm and cozy when worn on their own but when you use them as a layering piece, it proves to be very efficient in keeping you warm and fab at the same time. you can wear a long sleeved shirt underneath and top it off with a knit tank to instantly create a chic layered outfit that you can wear outside. It’s also a great addition to your winter work wardrobe as it has a ‘smart’ look and vibe to it.

tank top tank

  • Knit cardigans – if you aren’t comfortable with knits actually touching your skin but you love how they can keep you warm and toasty on a cold winter’s day, you should definitely go for a knit cardigan. This allows you to wear whatever you like and you can simply throw it on top of whatever ensemble you have decided on. You can also use it to add a nice touch of color to a rather plain outfit.

cardigan knit cardigan