5 Ways to Wear Palazzo Pants

You’ve probably already seen them on celebrities and fashionistas everywhere, those loose fitting pants that look oh so comfy with a vintage-retro kind of twist. If you’re ever wondering what they’re called, they’re palazzo pants. You’re welcome. Indeed, they’re comfy and very stylish, too. They kind of look like a maxi skirt minus the hassle of having to worry about showing in case the wind blows against your favor. Palazzo pants are quite versatile, too. You can wear them with a lot of things and pull off many different looks. Check out 5 of our favorite ways to wear palazzo pants.

  • Wear it with a plain t-shirt – looking for a way to wear palazzo pants and making sure you don’t go over the top with it? Wear it with a plain t-shirt. White is always a fool-proof color that matches all other hues but you can also wear a t-shirt in a color that creates contrast with the color of your palazzo pants for a more vibrant look. Wearing palazzo pants with a plain t-shirt is a way to get on with the trend. From here, you can take your palazzo pants and start wearing it with fancier tops.

plain tshirt plain shirt

  • Wear it printed – most palazzo pants you’ll see out there come in plain colors and they look really chic but if you want something more fun and vibrant, why not go for printed palazzo pants? They’re sure to give your look that ‘oomph’ you’re looking for and they’re sure to up your style game as well. Printed palazzo pants would look really good with just a plain, solid colored top but if you’re feeling experimental, you can do the print on print trend with them as well.


printed palazo

  • Wear it with a crop top – since palazzo pants are heavy on the bottom, balancing your outfit with a fitted crop top would look really chic. Make sure your crop top isn’t too loose or flowy so that you won’t end up looking a size or two bigger than you really are. Corset-style crop tops would be lovely for this kind of outfit combination but other styles and designs of crop tops would look just as cool.

crop top crop top and palazzo

  • Wear it with a bikini top – planning to head off to the beach? Instead of wearing the conventional cover up, why not wear a bikini top and a pair of palazzo pants instead? it’s the perfect look for lounging around at the beach and it gives you a perfectly balanced look, too. Not to mention, it’s a really chic and unique look.

bikini bikini top

  • Wear it business casual style – and if you think palazzo pants are only good for casual and street style outfits, you’re wrong. You can wear these comfy pants to the office, too. Simply wear them with a cute button up shirt and a pair of killer heels and you’re good to go. Any button up shirt will look great on palazzo pants. Denim or chambray can also be worn with them for a business causal look that leans more on the casual side. Oh, don’t forget to accessorize to complete your look, by the way!

button up button up toppink palazzo pants