6 Chic Outfit Ideas For White Pants

We usually wear our pants in darker shades like denim blue and black. The most common reason for this is how you’re afraid that it might get dirty easily. There is also that myth about not wearing white jeans after Labor Day which I personally think is utter nonsense.

A good pair of white jeans is an all-year-round wardrobe staple that everyone must own. They are good for the warmer seasons, spring and summer, because they would belong fittingly with the spring and summer air, looking as refreshing as any spring and summer wardrobe. And you could also wear white pants on the colder seasons, fall and winter, if you are going for the unexpected. Wearing your pants along with the darker fall and winter colors actually looks great.

Here are 6 chic outfit ideas for white pants.

White Pants And A White Top

Go for a monochromatic, all-white outfit. So that it will be less boring and dull, try to wear garments of different textures. You could also wear a top with graphic prints.

white pants and white top

white sweatshirt and white pants

White Pants And A Buttoned Down Shirt

The easiest and most common item to wear with your white pants is a buttoned down shirt. You could wear this outfit on semi-formal events or simply casually. The key here is how you wear that buttoned down shirt and the accompanying accessories that you will incorporate into the outfit.

white pants and white striped shirt

white pants and button down shirt

White Pants And A Tailored Blazer

A tailored and well-fitted blazer could give you a polished and clean look that will make it a nice business outfit or a semi-formal outfit incorporated with a pair of white pants. I highly suggest wearing a dark blazer to contrast the whiteness of your jeans. This will make it even more wonderful.

white pants and gray blazer

white pants and navy blue blazer

White Pants And Black Garments

The classic black and white color combination never fails to impress me. And wearing a pair of white jeans on what was supposed to be an all-black outfit makes the contrasting effect of dark and light even more obvious. There is a certain chicness in this, especially when you are wearing a tailored pants.

white pants and black blazer and black top

white pants in all-black outfit

White Pants And A Crop Top

This outfit combination is especially great for the warmer seasons. You have the option to either show a little midriff, which is great when it’s hot outside, or wear a pair of high-waist pants for a more modest look. This look is also great for a more formal event.

white pants and crop top Kendall Jenner

white pants and navy blue crop top

White Pants And A Leather Jacket

White is easily associated with innocence and the leather jacket is thought otherwise. So the wonderful mix of girliness and rockstar is just too perfect in this outfit combination. This is even more wonderful when you have an equally feminine top and an equally edgy pair of boots.

white pants and leather jacket


leather jacket and white pants