6 Pieces from Your College Wardrobe You Shouldn’t Wear to Job Interviews

Now that you’re done with college, I’m pretty sure the next thing on your list is to get a job that would allow you to put what you’ve learned in school into practice. Before you do that, though, one other thing that should be on the top of your post-college to-do list is to revamp your closet. Now that you’re moving in to the adult world, you’ll need a more grown up wardrobe that you can use while you hunt for your dream job. Sure you can still lounge around in sweats and pajamas at home but when you’re outside conquering the world, you’ll need to look more polished and mature. Here are some pieces from your college wardrobe you shouldn’t wear to job interviews.

  • Bad quality faux leather jacket – it was the only thing you could afford while you were on a budget back in college but now that you’ve come to the grown up world, it’s time to give it up and get something more sleek and chic. Take your time and save up for at least one genuine leather jacket. It’s something you’re sure to use for job hunting and beyond.

fake leather jacket outfit black quilted leather jacket

  • Leggings as pants – so all the other girls used leggings as pants back in college and so did you. Well, it’s time to stop doing that and start wearing something more office-appropriate like slacks or at least some proper, decent jeans. Reserve your leggings for the gym or for lounging around instead.

lazy day leggings outfit

leather leggings and sweater

  • Exaggeratedly cute headbands – Blair Waldorf pulled it off all the time, why can’t you? Those humongous headbands sure were cute and back in college they may have been the highlight of most of your outfits but when going on job interviews swap those cutesy headbands and head bows with something more chic like a simple yet elegant skinny headband worn with a basic ponytail.

big bow headband

  • Slippers as shoes – even when you’re in a super sunny place like California, wearing slippers / flip flops as shoes to job interviews is simply unacceptable. If you’re not a fan of wearing and walking around in heels, know that there are plenty of alternatives you can choose from including wedges, loafer, brogues and ballerina flats.

simple tan slippers black and white slippers

  • Sweatpants – don’t get us wrong, we’d love to wear them all day everyday if we could but when going on a job interview, resist the urge to reach for those comfy sweatpants and try your best to put on proper pants instead. if you’re confident enough to pull off a Kate Beckinsale with those fashion forward sweatpants with heels, though, by all means go for it. Otherwise, please, wear those trousers.

matching coat and sweatpants gray sweatpants and red flats

  • School girl skirts – even when you had no prescribed uniform, you chose to buy those itsy bitsy, teeny weeny school girl skirts because you thought you could pull off an anime look (and maybe you did) but no matter how cute that look was, it’s not something you should wear to a job interview. Instead of those school girl skirts that have sky high slits and unending pleats, go for something more ladylike like a pencil skirt or a midi skirt.

grunky school skirt