6 Styling Tips for Corset Tops as Outerwear

At the time of Marie Antoinette, corsets were used underneath the lavish gowns and dresses. Its main medical and aesthetic purpose was to hold and train the torso into a desired shape. Now, hundreds of years later, it has become one of the underwear clothing that’s also worn as outerwear. Underwear as outerwear has been trending for a few years now. Especially now that summer is fast approaching.

And like any underwear turned outerwear, styling a corset into a top is tricky. There is, of course, a fine line between allure and tackiness. You have to fine the perfect corsets outfit without looking trashy. Here are some tips on wearing corset tops as outerwear.


Corset top over your blouse or shirt

If you’re hesitant at showing some skin but want to try out this summer trend, you could layer up by slipping on a loose fitting shirt or blouse underneath your corset top. It spices up your ordinary shirt and jeans ensemble and is ultimately better than Superman’s “underwear as outerwear” costume. The great thing about putting the corset over a blouse or shirt is that you don’t have to worry if it’s appropriate for outerwear or not. It simply becomes a wonderful accessory to your top whether it hits your waist or just hangs underneath your bust.

corset top over shirt


corset top over blouse


Underneath your blazer

If you’re okay with showing some skin of your midriff but shy away from showing off your arms and shoulders, particularly those with broader shoulders, then don’t worry about it. You can still rock this trend by wearing a blazer over the corset top.

corset top and blazer

You can match your corset top with your blazer like so above and wear printed pants for a clean, sleek look with a little wildness on the side.


corset top blazer

You can also wear a lacy corset top to add a feminine touch to an otherwise androgynous look like Kat Graham did in the image above.


corset top under blazer

Cara Delevingne’s ensemble is totally perfect for a night out. Wearing a silky corset top underneath the glossy blazer and leather pants is the definite fine line between androgynous and chic.


Keep it grounded with pants

It’s tricky to pair a corset top with mini skirts as it might make you look like a 90’s burnout, giving the trashy and tacky look that you definitely don’t want to go for. Unless of course, it’s a costume oor something. A simple pair of pants will keep your outfit grounded and simple gorgeous. You can either wear a pair of high-waist pants or low cut jeans, depending on whether you want to show some midriff skin or not.

corset top and high waisted jeans

corset top and jeans


Pair it with midi or long skirts

While mini skirts will make your corset top look cheeky and tacky in a bad way, midi or long skirts are another thing. Corsets usually flare slightly at the hips while it stay fitted. With pencil skirts, it gives a continuous flow with your figure. As a result, you would look like wearing a fitted dress.

corset top pencil skirt

With the case of a full circle skirt, however, it gives an addition to the appeal of the classy silhouette of the skirt. Definitely perfect for those who want to look alluring but retain the classic feel of the outfit at the same time.

corset top skirt


Corset tops and shorts

This is kind of similar with pants. Whether it’s high-waist or low cut, it will keep your corset top grounded and not too overwhelming. Shorts also creates a casual chic feel to the corset top.

corset top high waist short

corset top and shorts


Statement necklaces can do wonders

Especially for those who will be trying out corsets as tops, there will be much of skin below the neck exposed. To keep the attention to your neckline, you can wear a chunky statement necklace.

corset top and necklace

corset top necklace