6 Styling Tips on Rocking Boyfriend Shirts

There is a reason why clothes intended for the opposite sex has become popular amongst women. Menswear looks are looser, softer and more comfortable to wear. Plus, they’re cheaper when they’re on sale.

Boyfriend shirts can offer to make you look more of an “undone chic” with a dash of loose casual feel that’s just perfect for spring and summer. Or it could let you embrace your more tomboyish side and give effortless androgyny.

The problem is, it seemed pretty hard to pair them up with your more feminine wardrobe. Here are some fashion tips for styling boyfriend shirt and how to make them look good on you.


Fitting bottoms

Since boyfriend shirts are slouchy and baggy, you can balance the look with a form-fitting bottom. Slip on a pair of leggings or a fit skirt. When wearing skirt, you can leave the shirt casually hanging, inserted into the skirt or gather the hem on one side and tie it into a knot.

boyfriend shirt and leggings

boyfriend shirt and skirt

boyfriend shirt plaid and inserted

 The Sexy Triangle

True, your boyfriend’s button down shirt is huge on you and most of the time, that doesn’t allow you to show off your form. I say, make the best of its looseness. Try buttoning the first and second buttons of the shirt and leave the rest of it open. This results to a triangle of your skin peeking out which gives a sexy appeal.

 sexy boyfriend shirt

Sharper Accessories

Boyfriend shirts are shapeless. However you can make up on this tiny problem through your accessories. Pick a more structured bag, solid jewelries and shoes.

boyfriend shirt and skinny jeans

sharp accessories boyfriend shirt

Feminine Twist

If the shirt is absolutely big, turn it into a dress. Wear a belt around your waist. Too conservative for that? No worries. You can wear shorts underneath and still maintain the summer feel of the shirt.

 boyfriend shirt feminine

 cute boyfriend shirt made dress

Layer layer layer

You can use the boyfriend shirt as a cover up. You can leave it loose or have one half inserted. Wear it over your bandeau or fitting top, too.

 pulled up sleeves boyfriend shirt

Go all the way

If you’re going to be wearing your boyfriend’s shirt then might as well go all the way with an androgynous look, right? Finish it up with a pair of military pants or ripped jeans and accessorize with a solid colored bag and oxford shoes.

boyfriend shirt androgynous

boyfriend shirt ripped jeans