6 Suede Skirt Outfits You Can Wear For Fall

Suede has certainly hit it well this year as one of spring and summer’s trendiest textiles. And why not? It’s soft and delicate compared to its more loved cousin, leather. So I will not question some of you who are thinking of wearing this textile for fall. Do you want to? Well, the more common question would definitely be: can you?

Great news, ladies, because you can!

Suede might feel soft and delicate but it can also warm you up quite nicely. Besides, its texture definitely creates the impression of a cozy feeling. All you have to do is find an outfit to incorporate your suede clothes into that will be suitable for the more frequent cold temperatures of fall season. And you can start it off with these 6 suede skirt outfits that you can wear for fall.


When it’s those days during fall that it is not so cold outside, then go ahead and pair your suede skirt with a buttoned-down shirt. It will absolutely make you look polished–something that you may want to go for excellently for fall. The suede skirt-and-shirt combination is also gorgeous for the office, especially when you are donning a pencil skirt.

burgundy suede skirt and shirt

midi suede skirt and shirt


Having the suede skirt and sweater outfit combination is a look that leans more on the preppy style. It’s chic and ultra-feminine and very great for getting cozy for fall. Even for the winter! I might even call this one an ideal Thanksgiving outfit–not too showy, quite conservative at that, and yet still stylish.

suede skirt and sweater outfit

suede skirt and sweater


It’s the two animal textile cousins! And surprisingly, an outfit combination with these two creates a wonderful contrast. Leather is edgy with that flare of raggedness while suede is soft and delicate. They give contrasting textures that are simply gorgeous.

suede skirt and zipped up leather jacket

suede skirt and moto jacket


Suede in itself create a slightly sleek and structured silhouette to any kind of clothing. It adds that instant ounce of polished look to your outfit. But if you are ready to dive into more polished styles, then go ahead and don a trench coat. Not only will this warm you up during the chilly nights, trench coats will also keep a simple yet chic silhouette for your ensemble.

midi suede skirt and trench coat Alexa Chung

suede skirt and suede trench coat


Here’s another way of dressing preppy with a suede skirt–wear a pair of tights or leggings underneath. Since you will be out in the cold open with your comfy and breezy suede skirt, you might as well consider protecting those great legs from being frozen. Tights or leggings have been known to make you look taller and your legs longer so I suggest sticking with thigh-high or mini-length skirt for this outfit combo. This way, you’ll get the most out of showing off those legs.

suede skirt and tights

suede skirt and tights outfit


Another way of protecting your gorgeous legs from the cold? Boots. You can go with a pair of boots at any length. Whether it’s ankle-length, knee-high or over-the-knee kind. As long as you are sticking with a suede skirt that is at least a few inches above your knees so that your silhouette won’t be swamped up.

suede skirt and boots

black suede skirt and boots