6 Tips on Layering that You Need For Fall/Winter

As the temperature gradually drops and the chills are settling in, we strive to keep ourselves warm while still look as fashionable as we do during the spring and summer. And one outfit stylthat hails during the colder seasons is layering. This is where you…well, layer your outfits for the purpose of keeping yourself warm during the cold days and nights.

But layering has not only become functional. For years, layering your clothes has become a style must-know for any fashion followers and stylish people. And what anyone and everyone really wants to know is how to layer your clothes without looking too bulky.

Here are 6 tips on layering that you might need for fall and winter.

1. Know the Golden Rule of Layering by heart

So what is the Golden Rule of Layering? It is this: “Layer the clothes on your outfit from thin to thick.” This simply means that you want to start wearing the garments that are thin such as clothes made of lightweight fabrics like silk and cotton. The thicker ones are usually worn as outerwear. This conforms with how coats and jackets are usually made of thicker fabrics.

from thin to thick layered outfit | Aelida

from thin to thick outfit layering | Aelida

2. Think twice before stashing your minis

If you think that you have to stow away your shorts and mini skirts and dresses just because it’s fall already, then you might want to think again. You would still be able to wear those minis–especially on those unusually warm days. Just layer a pair of tights underneath them and slip on your favorite booties instead of a pair of sandals.

mini skirt layered for fall | Aelida

layered black and white shorts and tights | Aelida

3. Play with the lengths of your clothes

Bulkiness on layering may occur when most or all of the clothes on your layered outfit are of similar lengths. Play with the lengths of the clothes you’ll incorporate. You might want to wear a crop top over a hip-length tunic and layer a knee-length coat over that. Be creative with the lengths and remember to avoid layering two articles of clothing with the same hemline length.

layered corset over shirt | Aelida

layered vest and coat | Aelida

4. Contrast or compliment

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a layered monochromatic outfit–so long as there is a distinguishable varying textures in it. But oftentimes, playing with the color scheme of your outfit is an easier way to make your layered ensemble less boring. Pair up complimentary colors or you could create a contrasting effect by surrounding your one statement piece with neutral-colored pairings.

layered navy blue blazer over bright yellow top | Aelida

layered marsala blazer over striped top | Aelida

5. Sometimes two layers is enough

Sometimes, you don’t have to go layer overkill. A two-layered outfit is often enough especially during these transition days when there are moments when the temperature rises. Anyway, you could always make up from having the least number of layer by emphasizing the varying textures and prints in your outfit.

two-layered dress outfit | Aelida

two-layered top outfit | Aelida

6. Don’t be afraid to mix print your layers

Prints and patterns don’t just get to be paired with plains immediately. You don’t have to fear mixing different prints and patterns into one outfit. Just remember to have that one neutral color that stands as a common ground between both different prints.

mix print floral and geometric pattern | Aelida

Cara Delevingne mix print layered | Aelida