6 Tips on Posing For Photos Like A Red Carpet Pro

Oftentimes, when we see those celebrities pose in their designer clothes, we thought, “Wow, they look really good in those.” But you see here, it is not just about the beautiful designer gowns and shoes, the shimmering jewels or the flawless skin that make those glamorous stars look great.

Confidence and good posture are important, too. These are things that even A-list celebrities try to learn. Like anything else in our lives, learning the basics will pay off well for you. And before you could even look good in any fancy dress, you have to feel good in that dress.

We, mere mortals living in ordinary lives, might not be able to attend red carpet events as frequently, but it never hurts to learn tips on how to pose for photos in such a way that you will be enhanced by the clothes you will wear. These are things those attending proms or any fancy events would want to take note of.


When you pose, turn your back to the camera since what you want to show off is the backless element of your dress. Roll your spine to create a subtle curve on the lower back. And subtly turn your head over your shoulder and look straight into the camera.

Emma Watson backless dress

Hilary Swank backless Guy Laroche | Aelida


If you’re doing too much movement while wearing a big gown, then you’re doing it wrong. Have you seen the stepsisters of Cinderella in the 1950 animation film? Or maybe Charlotte LaBouff from the 2009 animated film Princess and the Frog? Yeah, you’re channeling them. You want to channel Cinderella or Tiana. Be subtle and graceful in your movements. As if you’re floating with a thick cloud surrounding you.

Diane Kruger in big patterned gown | Aelida

Rihanna big pink gown | Aelida


When you’re wearing a dress with an extreme slit, don’t hide it away. It’s there to be showed off. Whatever you try to do, always remember that your movements have to be natural. Put that leg where the slit is forward and place a hand on your hips for that allure look where you channel the sexy Jessica Rabbit.

dress with extreme slit | Aelida

Angelina Jolie black dress with slit | Aelida


Plunging necklines can instantly give you that seductive air so that part’s easy. What you do want to come off is looking classy even in an alluring dress with plunging necklines. For this, you have to be sure that your breasts will stay up. Ladies with small breasts often have the advantage in this section. Anyway, whatever you do, always remember to be graceful. Lean your head behind your shoulder blades but not too much.

Rooney Mara plunging neckline | Aelida

Blake Lively in a white plunging neckline dress | Aelida


A minidress could have a big impact in its own. And the best thing about a minidress is the chance to show off those gorgeous legs. You could cross your feet over your ankles or put them side by side. Either way, remember to look charming and girly. Paste a big lady smile on your face.

printed minidress | Aelida

black minidress | Aelida


For wide-legged pants, you want to look for one in proportion to your height and body shape. You want people to notice the width of your pants without making you look too wide. A cropped top is an ideal thing to pair it with. Meanwhile, you want to stand with your feet apart and have a little pop to on side of your hips.

wide-legged pants | Aelida

black wide-legged pants | Aelida