7 Casual Ways To Wear Silk

Silk are incredibly in demand during the warmer seasons of spring and summer. With the light, breezy, and roomy material that it is made of, silk is definitely your go-to textile when it’s getting hot out there. And the great thing about silk is that there is a long array of choices that you could choose from. From crop tops, blouses, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, accessories…even shoes!

But like anything else, every pros has its accompanying cons. In the case of wearing silk, you’d want to avoid these three common cases that may tramp down your look. 1) Drenched sweat on unflattering places 2) looking like a sack and 3) the static-clinging properties of the textile. Another main problem of silk is the fact that it could easily dress up whatever outfit you may have. And, unless that’s what you’re going for, it simply will not do good for casual events. So here, I give you 7 casual ways to wear silk.

With Silk Top

Silk tops are quite easy to find and, among all the other 6 garments here, the simplest one to incorporate in any kind of outfit. Silk blouses, in particular, has become a sartorial classic–an all-year-round wardrobe staple. And there are certainly numerous ways to wear silk top. For a few helpful outfit ideas, you can check this article.

silk blouse and pajama pantssilk nightie top and blazer

With Silk Crop Top

For crop tops that are made of silk, I highly suggest–especially to those who sweats easily–to look for crop tops of roomy and loose style rather than those that are body-fit. You might also want to consider the shade of the crop top and whether or not it will not make the wetness obvious. Test it out. Before you wear them, drop an enough amount on the crop top and see if the mark is obvious or not.

silk crop top and high waist pants

white silk crop top and floral pencil skirt

With Silk Shorts

This one is particularly trendy during the summer. It’s just the perfect season to wear those silk shorts. And depending on what you wear with it, silk shorts could either be dressed up or dressed down. To keep it casual, stick to comfortable and relaxed top rather than the dressy ones. Slip on a pair of comfy sandals to match and you’re good to go.

silk shorts and floral top

silk shorts and booties

With Silk Pants

Like silk shorts (and every other garment made of silk, really), how you incorporate other pieces into your outfit will help in dressing up or dressing down your silk pants. Where you usually wear silk shorts casually during the day though, the pants is a great alternative for the night. Opt in having the to half of your outfit in something less fancy. A leather vest could tune down the femininity of silk as do denim jackets.

silk pants and leather vest

printed silk pants and denim jacket

With Silk Skirt

Silk skirts are one of the hardest one to incorporate in a casual ensemble since it’s very fancy in itself. But pair it with something absolutely relaxed and comfortable like, say, a slouchy sweater or a graphic shirt and you will definitely be able to wear your silk skirt without people thinking that you’re going to a fancy party.

silk midi skirt and graphic shirt

silk skirt and sweater

With Silk Dress

Now, this one’s probably the hardest of all the seven ways you can wear silk casually. My ultimate advice is to keep with a silk dress that has a simple design and silhouette.  You also want to take into consideration the accessories you’ll be wearing with it. I recommend something that screams casual like sandals and sneakers. For sneakers, go with white since they are, in my opinion, a tad bit dressy compared to other sneakers.

silk dress casual outfit

silk dress

With Silk Scarf

Silk scarves are wonderful alternative to jewelry especially to those who are going for a minimalist look. It could dress up a simple outfit without making it overwhelmingly dressy. For more on how you want to style your scarves, click here.

silk scarf and white tee

silk scarf outfit